While taking this year’s required courses ‘2019 Preventing Workplace Harassment’ and ‘Anti Money Laundering’ for one of the largest companies in the world, it reminded me of the spirit of the world and of political secularization and Christian compliance.   FinCEN (Financial Crimes Enforcement Network) estimates over $2 trillion (or more than 3% of global GDP) is fraudulently laundered each year, typically connected to trafficking drugs, oil, art, humans and human organs; as well as counterfeiting and illegal weapons sales.  This is a small reminder of the world in which we live.

As to the topic at hand.  NAVEX Global (1997), ‘the Ethics and Compliance Experts’ prepares continuing education and compliance courses for every major sector of Government and Industry from Healthcare to Manufacturing, and Financial Services to Food and Beverage.   Their Workplace Harassment video was about 90+% common sense, but it was their following the agenda of the United Nations and spirit of the world that caught my attention.

It reminded me of how many companies and commercials began using the term ‘sustainability’ after the UN came out with their ‘Millennium Development Goals’ in 2000; goal 7 of 8 was ‘to promote environmental sustainability.’  Then there were 17 ‘Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs; part of Resolution 70/1)’ in 2015.   Goal number 5 is ‘gender equality’ and goal number 10 ‘reducing inequality.’  Two very different types of equality; one dealing with our God-given sex at birth, and the other dealing with financial and resource inequality in the world.

The Truth Source has several articles on How Homosexuality and Same-Sex Marriage became accepted in ‘Christian’ Societies.  This article shows how Christians have complied and accepted worldly laws over biblical commands and truths.  Such that in 1977 the World Health Organization listed Homosexuality as a mental disorder and within two generations it became accepted even by the majority of ‘Christians.’   But this was after several Supreme Court rulings; the 2004 legalizing of Same-Sex Marriage in Massachusetts (soon followed by all states); institutions such as the APA (Amer. Psychological Assoc.) and 12 others including the American Federation of Teachers welcoming the Just the Facts Coalition propaganda on how to support gays and lesbian children in school and teach of the topic of welcoming and tolerance, changing of adoption laws; and most governments following the UN mandates on gender equally and gender orientation.

So the world’s great corporations, many who take part (with or without negligence) in money laundering, all who seek money and profits – and of who no doubt serve Mammon over God Almighty (Matthew 6:24) – quickly acquiesced to included ‘same sex unions’ then ‘same sex marriage’ in all their benefits.  Likewise, the governments did the same with their laws; many included ‘gender identity or orientation’ into their ‘hate crimes’ and ‘hate speech.’   Note when Civil Rights can about, whether in the 1860s or 1960s, it was to help fellow mankind overcome something they had no option or choice about at birth – their race or sex.   But to include gender identity or orientation, where one supposedly chooses how to sexually classify themselves and the government agrees and companies require employees not to speak against sin, is a choice or option (against the laws of God), which is followed by political secularization and then Christian compliance.

To say that Christians can in no way – appropriate or not – speak in the workplace, and in a few countries (such as Canada – hate speech) in public, against listed acts of sin (such as same-sex marriage or homosexuality) is part of the spirit of deception and the world, part of political secularization (worldliness vs. religion), which only leads to Christian compliance.

Political Secularization refers to the process in which religion and religious institutions lose social and cultural significance due to governmental laws and culture in society who has followed those laws.  At least until about World War I, politicians and politics remained closely entangled with religion in every European and American nation; and still does in nearly all Muslim (Islamic) countries.   The hope was not to be lorded over by popes or bishops, but to be led by Biblical truths and basic Godly commands.   Even the false invisible wall of separation between church and state, did not interfere in any nation – Christian or Muslim – with religion in the nation; until after World War II and the changes in laws in the 1950s and 1960s – not against corporate greed, reduced income taxes for the rich and inequality of resources – but against the Bible and prayer in public schools.

This was followed within a generation by the secular millennials and now their secular children who the majority in every formerly and nominal ‘Christian’ nation neither attend worship services to the Lord God and Jesus Christ, nor believe in Jesus as their personal Savior.   There is a belief, a deception in the world by the great deceivers in spiritual high places (Eph. 6:12; 1 Tim. 4:1) that university professors and politicians following the ‘philosophy of men (Col. 2:8)’ can produce good laws based on ethics and morals without the need or use or care of what the Word of God instructs and commands (Deut. 10:12).

So now we live in a world in which in many countries you can be fined, imprisoned or killed for speaking against the false prophet Mohammed and his Islam (Koran/Quran) which was loosely based off of Christian and Jewish scriptures.  And now in nearly every ‘Christian’ nation, you can speak against God or religion, but not against sins leading to eternal destruction.   Though many nations in Africa still hold on to their biblically based laws against homosexuality, the UN is pressuring them to change their laws to accept any sexual gender identity and same sex marriage or face restrictions dealing with the World Bank and the IMF (International Monetary Fund).

Unlike the Americas and Europe, Asia and Muslim nations such as Saudi Arabia do not yield on their non-Christian laws, whether Islam being the state-religion or secularization and laws against converting their citizens.  The result is the same, a trend to non-Christian populations.

And soon in the United States and most former ‘Christian’ nations, it will be against the law to speech against the certain sins such as homosexuality, or to profess/confess the name and teachings of Jesus Christ in most public or private or any places outside of your home or church – i.e. – no ‘going forward and preaching the Gospel (March 16:15; Matt. 28:19).’  On fear of the loss of job or friends or some other result, most Christians forget Christ’s word or worse – ignore them – “Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul.  Rather fear the One (God Almighty) who can destroy both… whoever acknowledges Me before other, I will also acknowledge before My Father in heaven; but whoever denies or disowns Me before others, I will disown before My Father in heaven (Matthew 10:28-32).”

“Judge for yourselves whether it is right in God’s sight to listen to non-biblical laws rather than God… (Acts 4:19).”