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EVOLUTION: No Missing Link

EVOLUTION: No Missing Link

Many scientists and atheists say there are no missing links in evolution.  Some say that we have overlapping fossil records going back hundreds of millions of years.  It is hard for me to listen to that knowing that Willard Libby, the discoverer of Carbon dating said we cannot date back more than thousands of years accurately.  And as for Uranium-Lead dating, one must have the original sample to compare with the current and most often evolutionists are dating rocks that are both the original and the current to find the ratios between the U-235 and lead-207.

Additionally, most evolution scientists both assume and ignore catastrophic geological events.  They assume events, such as massive volcanic activities, glacier shifts, continental super drifts, etc. and then ignore that significant geological events – that the can hide relevant facts, that they can cause reset or change or disturb dating by changing the zircon mineral trace amounts of uranium.  They assume the decay rate is constant over these thousands or millions or billions of years; and they assume none of the isotopes leaked out or was affected by outside events.  It is by uranium-lead dating alone that the earth is said to be 4.5 billion years old.  And by similar assumptions they teach the Universe is about 14 billion years old (see The UNIVERSE: Understanding NUMBERS and Reason).

A 2009 study at Brookhaven National Laboratories and a 2010 study at Stanford University revealed that fluctuations showed radioisotope decay rates are unreliable due to decaying at different rates seasonally and even based on changes in exposure to the Sun.  Please, understand, I don’t dispute that God could have spoken rocks into existence to appear or be very old (see INSTANTANEOUS CREATION: Part I).  But as to the fossils (once living organisms), they cannot be more than thousands of years old.

Some scientists say that evolution is not like looking at a ladder or chains, or even branches.  They say it is a blended mess or bushy some times and fossils are not needed to bridge all the gaps.  Well, first considering they teach that evolution took hundreds of millions of years, so yes, most definitely there would be macro and micro chains, great tree diagrams and ladders.  In order to evolve from A to B, or from A to B & C, and B evolves to D, than there would have to a ‘link’ between A and D, i.e. B; and if B could not be found than it would ‘B’ a ‘missing link.’

Geologic Time Eras.png

Consider that even Darwin supposed that thousands of the animal fossils in intermediate stages between ape and man or other animals would be discovered over time; yet, numerous decades have past and still no missing links.

Second, and equally important, evolution teaches a type of survival of the fittest; or at least species adapting to survive.   And if this was true in the long-term, as in the millions of years sense of things, than there would be types of mutate or hybrid animals such as tiger-dragons and various types of humanoids.

Evolutionists are content to say, look over there another evolved finch or germ or slime or anything but a search for what logic would ask for – missing links.  Some evolutionists say that there are no missing links between men and apes; and other say there are.  They said the same for links between dogs and bears, etc.  As a matter of fact for evolutionary theory to work all animals and living things had to come from some kind of miraculous primordial soup of chemicals.  They prefer this to a miraculous God; because then they would have to worship Him, and consider the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Many scientists taught for decades that fist jaws evolved, yet Australian ‘armored fish’ fossils show that they were already completely designed – through strange looking.  Scientists have dated an amber-encased gecko leg from Myanmar to be 100 million years old; when a Mexican amber preserved whole lizard shows that the parts have not changed.  Amber-encased plants and insects have shown the same.  Note, the age of the amber had to be the same as the environment that it was enclosed in which was wrongly dated millions of years.

Come let us reason together, if fish evolved into amphibians over millions of years or even tens of thousands; there would be distinct types along the way of say 90% fish – 10% amphibian, and so on.   Now, some evolutionists teach that parts of evolution took hundreds of millions of years, but then parts changed very rapidly.  What do they take us for – monkeys; even rapidly would be more than thousands of years, for over the last thousands there have been no abnormal changes in organisms.  Also, even so, there would be hybrid cases – not like deformed skulls that scientists miss date; but like Bigfoot or the fungus-gators and winged-humanoids.

The fact is there is no fossil evidence to prove that species can or ever have cross-breed.  More over there is evidence to prove as the Bible states, that plants and animals procreate ‘according to their kind.’   And in fact, there is no missing link; because living organisms have not been on earth for more than thousands of years.


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