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Exposing the Sorcerers: the Clintons

The Clintons will remain one of the most cited American  Politicaal families for decades. Their rise and fall, as well as their number of scandals and allegations, are only comparable to a very few families, such as: Duvalier of Haiti, Modi of India, Suharto of Indonesia, Abacha of Nigeria, Sharif of Pakistan, Fujimori of Peru, Marcos of Philippines, Milosevic of Serbia or Seko of Zaire. Corruption and Politics is nothing new, but the heights in which some acquire wealth (billions by the Clintons) and power is still astonishing.

This article will examine the rise, corruption and scandals which involved and surrounded Bill and Hillary Clinton. It will follow a timeline format (including over 50 deaths); and included a section on their top scandals; ‘the Body Count;’ as well as a section with a detailed report by the Washington Post.

A note before beginning: although Illinois has had 4 of their last 8 governors (2018) imprisoned, and no state is without corrupt politicians and families, when deciding on a state to win the governorship – Winthrop Rockefeller left New York and went to Arkansas. Concerning his term (1967-1971), State Supreme Court Justice Osro Cobb wrote in his ‘…Arkansas: Memoirs of Significance (1989, p. 140):’ “Rockefeller had used ruthless tactics to convert the fine Republican state organization into a one-man Rockefeller machine, loyal not to party not to Rockefeller…” The Clintons would immeasurably surpass Winthrop’s deeds.

Top Clinton Scandals

‘Friends of Bill’ and Hillary
Bill’s Sexual Assaults and Rapes (Broaddrick, Flowers, Willey, Jones, etc.; over several decades from Governor to President)
Arkansas Whitewater Real Estate cover up (friend when to jail for Clintons – McDougal)
Hillary’s destruction and ‘missing’ files at Rose Law firm (1996)
Filegate: using FBI to get and view hundreds of files (exposed by Judicial Watch; 2009)
Appointment of unqualified friends and donors to State Department positions
Hillary’s ties to Muslim groups, including some contacted with the Muslim Brotherhood (Abedin; etc.)
Chinagate and other selling of High-Tech Secrets (2010)
Travelgate: Hillary had several fired in WH Travel Office and replaced with friends.
Future Trading: massive profits – almost 1,000% in one year (Tyson Foods; cattle futures)
Scores of Clinton ‘friends’ and ‘associates’ have gone to jail while Clintons got off

The Body Count (List of 60+ Deaths)

Deaths of journalists, interns, attorneys, investigators, witnesses and opposition (‘the Body Count;’ Bresnahan and Tripp’s ‘List;’ ‘Clinton Chronicles (June 1994)’): Don Adams, John Ashe, Robert Bates, Gandy Baugh, Jeremy Boorda, Ron Brown (and Asst. Sec. of Commerce Charles Meissner), James Bunch, Eric Butera, Danny Casolaro, Berta Caceres, Suzanne Coleman, Gregory Collins, Keith Coney, L. J. Davis, David Drye, Daniel Dutko, Clinton Bodyguards (5 Naval aviators), Vince Foster (and Neil Moody), Kathy Ferguson, Duane Garrett, Judi Gibbs, Paula Grober, Michael Hastings, Stanley Heard, John Hillyer, Stanley Huggins, Sandy Hume, Don Henry and Kevin Ives (and Jordan Kettleson, Keith McKaskle, James Milam, Jeff Rhodes – ‘Train Deaths’), Gary Johnson, John Jones, J. F. Kennedy Jr., Shawn Lucas, Mary Mahoney (A. Goodrich and E. Evans), Lt. Gen. David McCloud, Christine Mirzayan, Florence Martin, James McDougal, Charles Miller, Ron Miller, John Mills, Joe Montano (DNC Chairman), Tony Moser, Larry Nichols (ADFA official and author of ‘The Clinton Chronicles’), Jerry Parks, Dennis Patrick, Victor Raise II (Nat. Finance Co-Chair for Clinton), Seth Rich, Dr. Ronald Rogers, Charles Ruff, Col. James Sabow, Tom Schweich, Barry Seal, (and Robert Jackson), Bill Shelton, Victor Thorn, Paul Tully, Jon Walker, Calvin Walraven, Gary Webb, Alan Whicher, Paul Wilcher, Ed Willey, Gareth Williams (MI6), John Wilson, Jim Wilhite and many more. Many will appear in following section – Timeline.

Below: ‘the Clinton Chronicles’ – (beware – Larry Nichol’s testimony will make you sick)


August 19, 1946: William Jefferson Blythe III was born in Hope, Arkansas.

October 26, 1947: Hillary Diane Rodham (Clinton) was born in Chicago.

At age 15 was adopted by stepfather – and given last name Clinton.

1963: During ‘Boys Nation’ he meet President J. F. Kennedy.

1964/65: Bill was class president Georgetown University.

1965: Hillary was president of the young Republicans (in 1964 she helped canvass for Republican Barry Goldwater; and in 1960 did for Nixon) at Wellesley College.

1965: Bill at Oxford (no degree)

1967-69: Protested Vietnam War and received draft deferment after joining ROTC at Uni. of Ark.

1971: Bill and Hillary met at Yale.

1972: Bill and Hillary both campaigned for Democratic Pres. candidate George McGovern.

1973: Degree from Yale Law School, where he meet Hillary Rodham.

1973/74: Hillary was a staff attorney for Chief Counsel Democrat Jerry Zeifman during President Nixon’s Watergate investigation. During a 2008 interview, Zeifman told Scipps-Howard News that ‘if I had the power to fire her, I would have fired her… I terminated her, along with some other staff members who we no longer needed, and advised her that I would not – could not recommend her for any further positions.’

1975: Hillary took a teacher position at Uni. of Ark. Law School in Fayetteville.

October 11, 1975: Bill and Hillary were married in Fayetteville in their living room.

1977-79: Bill was Attorney General of Arkansas.

Mid-to late 70s: Larry Nichols was associated with Bill and Jim Guy Tucker.

1977: Hillary joined the Rose Law Firm.

1977: Bill began sexual relationship with Gennifer Flowers.

Feb. 1977: Suzanne Coleman died of ‘suicide’ by gunshot to the back of her head (at 7 months pregnant). She told friends that the baby was Bill’s.

1978: Rose Law Firm, oldest law firm west of the Mississippi (1820), makes Hilary their first female associate.

1978: Bill and Hillary Clinton join with James and Susan McDougal to ‘borrow $203,000 to buy 220 acres of land in Arkansas’ Ozark Mountains. They soon form the Whitewater Development Corporation to build vacation homes.

1978: Bill raped Juanita Broaddrick.

1978: Hillary invested $1000 in futures and made $100,000.

1979-1981 (40th) and 1983–1992 (42nd): Governor of Arkansas.
Bill claimed he balanced the budget 11 times; but Nora Waye (a former business partner of Bill’s stepfather) said Bill never balanced it once; and lied about being a Rhodes scholar (graduate); and that Bill said he never raised taxes, but did so 126 times.

February 27, 1980: Chelsea was born in Little Rock.

1980: James McDougal appointed Economic Development Director; then quit after buying a small bank – Madison Guaranty S & L in Arkansas. McDougal began funneling loans to Clintons and his own company (Whitewater) over several years.

Early 1980s: CIA-supervised cocaine smuggling into Mena, Arkansas; while Gov. Clinton suppressed the evidence and benefited from some of the money laundering into banks owed by friends of Bill who funded his campaigns. As much as $100 million a month worth of cocaine was trafficked by Barry Seal and a fellow pilot friend. CBS News correspondent Bill Pilante reported that as much as $10 million in laundered cash was dropped weekly along with cocaine drops and that the National Security Council blocked his investigation. Deposits were made in great part with Lasater & Co.; and laundered through various banks and S&Ls; including in Florida and the Fuji Bank in the Caymen Islands ($50+ millions and another $50 million in junk bonds). Clinton would later pardon Lasater from jail. The ADFA funds were also mixed with these banks. The Stephens Group handled much of the funds and more than 70% of ADFA’s bonds; and financed some Wal-Mart Stores. They also retain attorneys from the Rose Law Firm. Stephen’s second wife was 1988 co-chairman for Bush for President. Yet the Stephen’s family gave $100,000 to Clinton campaign. BCCI (Bank of Credit and Commerce International) was also used to launder money and only paid $15 million in fines for not being able to show were billions of dollars went out of their institutions. The CIA used BCCI to funnel Contra war funds. BCCI has Saudi ties and was founded in Pakistan in 1972 (headquarters Luxembourg).

Nov. 1980: Bill lost his re-election for Governor.

June 6-9, 1991: Baden, Germany: Bill Clinton attended the Bilderberg Conference with Vernon Jordan, then president of the National Urban League; afterward advisor to Clintons.

1981: Bill during campaign: “I was invited to go to Bilderberg by Vernon Jordan…”

1982: Hillary changed her name – taking Clinton as last name and helped Bill get re-elected that year to the Governorship.

1983: Hillary named Arkansas Woman of the Year (in 1984 – named Ark. Mother of the Year)

1984: Federal regulators begin to look at Madison Guaranty.

1984: Roger Clinton arrested on cocaine charges.

1985: McDougal holds fund-raiser at Madison Guaranty for Clinton’s campaign debt ($50,000).

Feb. 1986: Barry Seal (CIA drug pilot) drug smuggler at Mena, AR airport was killed after being sentenced to stay at the Salvation Army in Baton Rouge. The Attorney General of Louisiana told the U.S. Attorney General, Ed Meese, in 1986 that Seal smuggled $3-5 billion worth of drugs into the U.S. The movie ‘American Made (2017)’ with Tom Cruise was about him. In the truck of Seal’s car was a check made out to Bill Clinton. The check was found by Johnny Lawhorn, Jr. at his repair shop. Lawhorn was killed in March 1998.

1986: McDougal borrowed $300,000 from a David Hale company, which in return received federal funds from the SBA – through which $3 million was payout to politicians.

1986: Dan Lasater (money launderer) pleaded guilty to federal cocaine charges and was sentenced to 30 months in prison (pardoned by Clinton in 1990). Roger Clinton was employed by Lasater & Co.

1986 to 1990: Hillary was on the Board of Directors at Wal-Mart (first woman on their board; but she never pushed universal healthcare for Wal-Mart workers that were reduced to part-time to avoid benefits). About the same time Hillary was on the BOD at Tyson.

Aug. 1987: Don Henry and Kevin Ives were said by the coroner Fahmy Malak to have both died by both of them passing out on a railroad track after smoking marijuana cigarettes; but no crime lab tests were performed. Grand Jury ordered the bodies exhumed in April 1988, and Henry’s body was had a stabbed in the back; and Ives was said to have been hit in the head with a rifle butt. Later, Police Chief John Brown stated he had received a confession by one of the murders. Henry and Ives had witnessed Mena Drug Operation and drop site. During time compelling case – the following witnesses were killed: Keith Coney (motorcycle accident July 1988 after his neck was slashed), Keith McKaskle (Nov. 1988 stabbed 113 times after telling his family he would likely be killed for knowledge in boys murder), James Milam (1989 – decapitated), Greg Collins (January 1989 – claimed knowledge of murders and was killed by shotgun blast to face), Jeff Rhodes (April 1989 – shot and tossed in trash dump before he could testify), Richard Winters (July 1989 – shotgun blast to the head), and Jordan Kettleson (June 1990 – shot to death in his pickup). No arrests have been made in these murders. Later Malak ruled someone shot 4 times in the chest a suicide. Prosecutor Dan Harmon befriends Ives mother, then betrayed her. Harmon was said by Sharline Wilson to be at the railroad tracks that same time as the boys with others. McKaskle, the night of elections in 1988, at the Wagon Wheel restaurant he threw 2 pennies on a bar and said “if Jim Steed (Saline County Sheriff) loses this election my life isn’t worth 2 cents.” He was stabbed 113 times that night.

1988: Bill Clinton and Betsy Wright suggested that Larry Nichols go to work for the Arkansas Finance Development Authority (AFDA) – ‘the best kept secret in Arkansas.’ Nichols testifies in the Clinton Chronicles that “after about two weeks a went to Wooten Epes (Pres. ADFA appointed by Bill Clinton) …(and asked) what is the criteria for loans… (Epes) he said whoever Bill wants to get a loan… I was literally sitting in the middle of Bill Clinton’s machine… it was where he made payoffs… favors for people who gave him campaign support… $50,000 ‘campaign contributions’ (where giving to Bill or they would) hold up the loan… I made copies of reports… I watched accounts accumulate… then within a month they zero balanced… they were laundering drug money. There was a $100 MILLION a month in cocaine coming through Mena, Arkansas. They had a ‘problem’ – they were during so much money – a hundred million a month …in a little state like Arkansas; how do you clean $100 million a month. ADFA until 1989 NEVER Banked in Arkansas. What they would do is they would ship the MONEY down to a bank in Florida, which was later connected to BCCI (Bank of Credit and Commerce International); they would ship money to a Bank in Atlanta, Georgia which was connected to BCCI; they would ship the money to Citicorp in New York which would send the money overseas. There was an interesting one, a bank in Chicago – that bank was owned in part by Dan Rostenkowski (Chairman, House Ways & Means Committee). Dan Lasater would get the bond (Lasater & Company)… broker… transfer money back to ADFA… never sold bond… ADFA would pay Lasater fee (and distribute funds to Friends of Bill…). …Dan Lasater (Cocaine Distributor), best friend of Bill Clinton, who went to jail with Roger Clinton… they did not sell cocaine – they were giving it away… huge piles of cocaine in their office… giving it to young girls… Bill Clinton (as Governor) signed off on every ‘Loan…’ …ADFA was supposed to be loans for churches, colleges and schools… The first loan was to Park-O-Meter… Seth Ward was the owner… The (ARK) Sec. Treasurer was Webb Hubble… Seth Ward’s son-in-law… Act 1062 which created the Arkansas Development and Finance Authority was created by Web Hubbell… he got the first loan… the Rose Law Firm did the audit (Webb Hubbell was a Senior Partner at Rose)… The first loan was 2.5 million dollars – never was a dime paid back… Park-O-Meter …made nosecones for planes in Mena that were used to smuggled cocaine…” (Clinton later appointed Hubbell to U.S. Justice Dept. until resign in 94)
A former state trooper testified of a 14 year old given cocaine through Lasater and Roger and made an addicted and became a prostitute. Distributor of cocaine, call girl and later Grand Jury Witness against Lasater – Sharline Wilson – received a 30 YEAR sentence as payback for testifying against the Clinton machine. Clinton pardoned Lasater after serving only about 6 months for giving cocaine to teenage aged girls. Bill used ADFA money for his ‘girl friends.’

1988: Clinton machine with the media defamed Larry Nichols as uncreditable.

1988: Witnesses from the Rose Law Firm said Hillary ordered the destruction of Madison land contract files. At the same time the Clintons sold off their interest in Whitewater.

1989: Madison Guaranty goes bankrupt and collapses after the federal government gives it $60 million in bailout funds. James McDougal gets indicted on fraud charges.

1990: McDougal is acquitted in the Madison matter.

1990: Hillary was the only woman on the BOD’s at Wal-Mart.

1990: Larry Nichols, former Director of Marketing for the Arkansas Finance Development Authority (AFDA) filed a lawsuit against Gov. Bill Clinton for misuse of state funds. He made Clinton’s sexual affairs public to show character and inappropriate use of funds. (He author the Clinton Chronicles and was later killed). He read the names of 5 women bill sexually assaulted.

1990: Jean Duffey, former head of Arkansas Drug Task Force, was brought up on ethic charges and defamed after investigating Prosecutor Harmon and other friends of Bill. The Task Force discovered Drug Trafficking was linked to ‘very high level public officials;’ including ‘Dan Harmon and Company;’ Bill Clinton and Roger Clinton. US District Atty. Chuck Banks halted investigations and Duffey was fired and fled the state as Harmon became the Prosecutor of the District. Jean and her family were compelled to move away into hiding. Sharline Wilson was told that the ‘Witness List’ would remain sealed; but Dan Harmon – who got Sharline hooked on drugs – had her arrested and imprisoned and released names on list (many killed). First time arrest for drugs – Sharline Wilson got 30 years (went others get probation for the same). The Task Force evidence was never aloud before a Grand Jury. During 10 years – not one drug arrest occurred in Mena.

1991: Journalist Danny Casolaro, who was investigating drug running and money laundering, committed ‘suicide’ – found in hotel bathtub with tendons cut on one hand and the wrist on the other.

1991: Col. James Sabow: about to expose drug running (head shot with shotgun – ruled suicide along with 40 other deaths by individual witnesses to drug trafficking).

Sept 1991: Russel Welch died from military anthrax after reporting on Mena Drug Operation.

1992: Whitewater (Whitewater Development Corporation) more than $60 million. Real Estate venture including a Savings and Loans, the Clintons, the McDougals. Jim McDougal was jailed and died in prison. Susan McDougal went to jail for 18 months. Clinton pardoned her in 2001.

1977 to 1992: Bill had affairs with Gennifer Flowers (aborted one child together). The video tapes would had endangered his 1992 Presidential campaign. Bill was having sex with Gennifer since 1977, and paid for an abortion of their fetus in Jan. 1978.’ Arkansas state trooper Roger Perry testified that Bill would talk about how Gennifer performed oral sex and sexual games for Bill. Gennifer wrote about such in her book, Passion and Betrayal, and said Bill called Hillary – ‘Hilla the Hun’ and ‘Sarge.’ She wrote about giving Bill oral sex in the Governor’s Mansion (Bill was never satisfied – could not resist the wicked adultery in the Oval Office too). In 1992, Bill lied (as usual) on ’60 Minutes (Jan. 26, 1992 – after Super Bowl)’ saying he had only talked to Flowers twice and had never been to her condominium.

June 1992: Gary Johnson, former attorney for Larry Nichols, and next door neighbor of Gennifer Flowers (had on security camera video Bill using a key to go into her apartment at Quapaw many times), was nearly beat to death (weeks before the DNC) by Raymond B. Young and 2 other Arkansas State troopers sent by Clinton machine. His security tapes were stolen. When called in 1998 to testify for Paula Jones about Clinton’s affairs and character – Gary feared for his life saying Bill is charming, but will murder you if he needs to. About this time Flowers apartment was ransacked several times to both find and destroy evidence of Bill’s involvement with her, and to scare her from suing or testifying against him.

July 1992: Victor and Montgomery Raiser (Clinton Fund Raisers) died in plane crash.

1992: Federal Resolution Trust Corporation (RTC) investigates causes of Madison Guar. Failure; and refers it to Justice Department, naming Clintons involvement in ‘illegal activities.’

Sept. 1992: DNC Pol. Dir. Paul Tulley found dead in hotel in Little Rock after conflict with Clinton.

Dec. 1992: Paula Grober, Clinton’s attractive interpreter for the deaf died in a one-car accident.

January 1993 to Jan. 20, 2001 (42nd): President of the United States

1993: Travelgate: 7 workers fired and replaced by ‘friends of Bill.’

May 1993: James Wilson found hanged – ‘suicide’ – before he could testify on Whitewater.

June 1993: D.C. attorney Paul Wilcher was killed while investigating Gun Running in Mena.

June 1993: Deputy WH Counsel Vince Foster files 3 years of Whitewater Corp tax returns.

July 1993: Deputy White House Counsel Vincent Foster (age 48; married with 3 children) was found shot at Fort Mercy Park. Foster was a partner at Rose Law Firm. Though Vince had notes torn to pieces in his briefcase and was shot, no gun or bullet was found; and his death was ruled a suicide. Foster was being called to testify about Clinton finances; and had called Hillary just hours before his death. His office was swept and cleared by a team lead by Bernard Nussbaum (WH Counsel to Bill and Personal Sec. to Hillary) and Patsy Thomason before police allowed viewing. His ‘suicide’ note was revealed to be a forgery. There were no fingerprints on the note. His shoes were clean though he was said to have walked 700 yards through the park. He was originally found by a confidential witness the reported to the FBI there was no gun in either hand and a wine cooler bottle near him (it went missing). Also, the blood hairs on him were not examined. He was a childhood friend of Bill Clinton in Hope. The photos of the crime scene were poor quality. In 1971, Foster joined Rose Law Firm (third oldest law firm in the U.S.) and in 1974 became a partner. Vince and Hillary had had several affairs. Rose represented Tyson and Wal-Mart.

Aug 1993: Jon Walker, Resolution Trust Corp. investigator into Whitewater fell to his death from apartment balcony.

Sept. 1993: Stanley Heard (Clinton advisor) and Steve Dickson died in rented plane crash.

Sept. 1993: Jerry Parks, head of Clinton’s Security Team in Arkansas, was gunned down in his car. Parks had compiled papers on Clinton’s illicit activities and the papers were stolen. When news of Vince Foster’s death came over the news, Jerry told his wife and friends, ‘I’m a dead man;’ the Clinton people are ‘cleaning house… (and I am) next on the list.’

October 1993: RTC’s criminal referral was rejected by Paula Casey, a U.S. attorney in Little Rock and former law student with Bill Clinton.

1993: Several of Clinton bodyguards died in helicopter crashed after escorting Bill to the carrier Roosevelt.

Dec. 1993: White House agreed to turn over Whitewater documents after years of sifting.

Jan. 1994: AG Janet Reno names Robert Fiske – special counsel to investigate the Clintons.

Jan. 1994: Gandy Baugh, attorney for Lassater (partner to Gov. Clinton) said to commit ‘suicide’ by jumping out of a window (Baugh’s law partner died from ‘suicide’ a month later).

March 1994: Hershell Friday, Clinton fund raiser, died from his plane exploding 2 days after argument with Bill Clinton.

March 1994: Web Hubbell resigned as associate attorney general after his ties to Hillary and the Rose Law Firm shown. Hubbell had a $500,000 credit line and was later convicted of fraud (serving only 18 months).

May 1994: Kathy Ferguson (ex-wife of Trooper Danny Ferguson) committed ‘suicide’ next to her suitcases. Arkansas State Trooper (fiancée of Kathy Ferguson) committed suicide by shooting himself at Kathy’s grave. Danny was co-defendant along with Bill Clinton in Paula Jones case.

June 1994: Stanley Huggins, partner in Memphis law firm who investigated Madison Guaranty in 1987, died of ‘pneumonia.’ His 300 page report was sealed. He warned his wife of his danger after leaving a law firm that Hillary had worked for and for his documents. Janet Reno, by presidential order, sealed Huggins hospital records.

Summer 1994: All 29 Clinton administration officials are cleared of any wrongdoing related to Whitewater records.

1994: Paula Jones sued Bill Clinton for sexual assault. Clinton settled with Jones for $850,000.

July 1994: Calvin Walraven, witness in drug running case, was killed.

1994: Maynard Webb was thrown into a propeller after saying he was going to go public about the Mena drug running.

Oct. 1994: Florence Martin, CIA accountant was shot in the head 3 times. She had the account numbers and PIN for one of Barry Seal’s bank accounts in the Cayman’s with $1.4 million; the money was moved and taken in the Virgin Islands.

1995-1997: Intern Monica Lewinsky had oral sex with Bill Clinton in the very Oval White House Office. In 1998, Lewinsky turned the ‘blue dress’ with Clinton’s DNA to Ken Starr during Clinton Impeachment hearings.

July 1995: Duane Garrett, radio host and Gore fund raiser, under investigation for defrauding investors, was killed in San Francisco before he was to meet with his lawyer on a deal for information.

August 1995: McDougals and Arkansas Gov. Jim Guy Tucker were charged with bank fraud.

Dec. 1995: WH counsel William Kennedy (formerly of Rose Law Firm) refused to release documents. Senate enforces subpoena and find documents with ‘Vacuum Rose law files WWDC Docs – subpoena.’

1995 and 1996: Hillary bill Madison Guar. For 60 hours of legal work from Rose.

Jan. 8, 1996: N.Y. Times columnist William Safire in his ‘Blizzard of Lies’ article says Hillary is ‘a congenital liar.’ The same has and can be said about Bill.

January 1986: Penthouse call girl Judi Gibbs was killed. She worked at a Mena, Arkansas ‘bordello,’ and was about to use photos for blackmail. Bill Clinton was a ‘regular’ customer. (Several, such as Clinton bodyguard Barry Spivey, testified to Bill’s sexual meetings with Judi).

April 3, 1996: Former Chairman of the DNC and Commerce Sec. Ron Brown died with 39 others in plane crash into a Croatian mountain on trip to war-torn Bosnia; where he was sent by Clinton. He was scheduled to testify against the Clintons (Brown’s lawyer was murdered the next day; and the Air Traffic controller found dead). Brown was one of 4 Clinton Fund Raisers to die; also Raiser, Friday and Willey. The plane was found to have been tracked by a AWACS system; and said to have total electrical failure minutes before landing. Three days after the crash, Nilko Jerkuic, a maintenance chief at the Dubrovnik airport, committed ‘suicide’ by Rifle shot to the chest hours before an interview with investigators. Journalist Jack Cashill wrote, ‘to protect his son Michael from prison, Ron Brown threatened to expose the White House’s Asian Fundraising scheme…” Forensics reveal Brown had a bullet looking hole in his head.

May 26, 1996: Tucker and both McDougals are convicted of fraud.

1996: Filegate: hundreds of FBI files on WH workers were viewed by Clinton’s machine.

June 1996: Second Whitewater trial began vs. bankers Branscum and Hill, who also ‘loaned’ funds to Clinton campaigns.

1996: John Hillyer, NBC cameraman who investigated Mena, and assisted with ‘Clinton Chronicles’ and ‘Circle of Power’ died in a Dentist’s office (said to be heart attack).

July 1996: Guy Tucker resigns as governor of Arkansas. Clintons testimonies full of denials.

Aug. 1996: Neil Moody, step-son to Susan McDougal, died in a car crash shortly after talking to Bob Woodward of the Washington Post about Susan’s story and was said to have private papers he was going to go public with – witnesses said Neil was sitting in his care arguing with someone just prior to his Car speeding into a brick wall.

Sept. 1996: In fear of the Clintons, Susan McDougal enters jail for contempt of court – for not testifying in front of a grand jury.

November 1996: Bill Clinton re-elected; GAO reports the government has spent over $25 million investigating the Clintons.

Nov. 1996: Barbara Wise, a Commerce Dept. International Trade Admin. Staffer who worked with John Huang (Lippo Group of Indonesia) and Ron Brown (who died in May) was found partially nude and dead at her office. Charles Meissner, asst. sec. of commerce who gave John Huang security clearance died in plane crash (tampering discovered). Barbara had bruises on her body.

Nov. 1996: NBC cameraman John Hillyer investigated drug-smuggling in Mena, Arkansas, and helped create the video ‘Circle of Power’ and ‘The Clinton Chronicles.’ He work with Pat Matrisciana in 1990. Pat said they had a ‘safe house’ in Little Rock where journalist and investigators met to discuss stories of drug trafficking in Mena, the murder of Ives and Henry and if the Clintons were directly involved. Hillyer and Matrisciana became friends with Gary Parks, son of Jerry Luther Parks (Clinton’s sec. chief). Gary told them that Hilary hired his father to watch Bill’s actions; that Bill was a big drug user. Gary went on stakeouts with his father and saw Bill with Gennifer Flowers, as well as with prostitutes and other young women. After Vince Foster was discovered dead, he told them that his father felt he would be killed. Gary told them about seeing a member of Gov. Clinton’s security staff running from their parking lot after hearing he chambered a round in his M-1 carbine after his apartment door was kicked in by a hired assassin. One time scanning for bugs in the apartment, the group found 8 of them. Hillyer told Matrisciana that he fear for his life and that they would probably kill him and make it look like a heart attack. November 29, Hillyer ‘died of mysterious causes.’
‘The Clinton Crime Family… Circle of Power’:

Jan. 1997: Don Adams (55), an Arkansas attorney for families caught up in Whitewater fraud (bankruptcy after Clinton friends drained it) was found killed in California after going missing.

April 1997: James McDougal sentenced to 3 years (dies in prison).

May 1997: Gordon Matteson, Clinton associate, died from shot to head – declared suicide.

1997: Clinton Foundation established.

June 25, 1997: The Washington Post reports that Whitewater prosecutors are questioning Arkansas State troopers concerning Bill’s habits and extramarital sex affairs when governor.

July 1997: Mary Mahoney, a former WH intern (age 25), was murdered though there was no evidence she was to go public with a sexual harassment case against Bill Clinton. Journalist Michael Isikoff (almost first to break Monica Lewinsky scandal until Newsweek Exec’s pulled story and were scooped by Drudge Report) said that ‘a former White House staffer…’ called by initial ‘M’ was about to go public with her sexual harassment story. While Asst. manager at a Starbucks in Georgetown; at closing two of her associates, Aaron Goodrich (18) and Emory Evans (25) were taken into a room and shot. Mary was shot 5 times;’ $4,000 was left in the registers. Carl Derek Cooper was arrested and confessed to the killings and said it was because she would not open the safe for him. Since how many people die that get near the Clintons.

Dec. 1997: Eric Butera was beaten to death after being sent into a Crack house undercover. He was an informant with information on murder of WH intern Mary Mahoney. His mother received $1 million for the wrongful death.

Jan. 1998: 24 year WH female intern lies under oath about sex with Bill – after being pushed by Vernon Jordan.

Jan. 1998: Bill said on TV, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman…”

Feb. 1998: Journalist Sandy Hume, son of Britt Hume, was found dead at his home; said to be ‘suicide.’ He was a reporter for The Hill magazine and about to break a story on White House investigators being used to find past dirt on critics.

March 1998: James McDougal died in prison. After James was convicted in 1996 he told authorities he would testify that Clinton was lying and the Hale was telling the truth. In a 1997 TV interview he said, ‘I just got sick and tired of lying for the fellow (Bill)… I was trying to protect him.’

Aug. 1998: Female White House intern Christine M. Mirzayan was beaten to death. She also was not the ‘M;’ it was Monica Lewinsky. How many interns did Bill Clinton sexually assault?

Aug. 1998: Bill, “I did have a relationship with Lewinsky that was not appropriate…”

Nov. 1998: Clintons paid Paula Jones $850,000 to drop sexual harassment lawsuit.

Nov. 19, 1998: Impeachment trial vs Pres. Clinton began.

March 1999: Eric Fox, Marine One crew (Pres. Helicopter) shot in head – ‘suicide.’

July 1999: Daniel Dutko, DNC Leadership 2000 co-chairman, 1995 Clinton-Gore finance and DNC official in 1996 during Chinese money to campaign scandal, died in bicycle accident.

Aug. 1999: David Drye, a producer of ‘the Clinton Chronicles,’ died in plane crash.

Dec. 1999: Ron Miller, Oklahoma businessman and witness in Ron Brown case was killed. Miller had audiotaped telephone conversations with Clinton fund raisers Eugene and Nora Lum and provided federal investigators with 165 cassette recordings. The Lums plead guilty to making illegal campaign contributions four months before Miller was killed. Hillary was cited by Miller for arranging $4.5 million ‘loan’ to Dynamic Energy in 1993, so Lums could buy Miller’s Gage Corporation.

June 2000: Anti-corruption journalist Tony Moser was killed after exposing corruption in Arkansas programs designed to aid poor children.

2000: Peter Paul, a former 1970s Miami lawyer for South American governments and Corporations who pleaded guilty to fraud concerning shipments of coffee and drugs; and went to Hollywood to be a manager for various celebrities, such as Fabio. In 2000, Paul was the largest campaign contributor to HRC. He organized the Hollywood Farewell Gala Salute to President Clinton which raised over $1 million for Hillary, but cost Merrill Lynch about $5 million from their loan to Paul. Two days after the gala, the Washington Post reported Paul’s criminal record, and Hillary Clinton denied knowing him and “vowed not to take any contributions from him”. Through her spokesman, Howard Wolfson, Hillary stated on August 16, 2000, that she would return $2,000 she reported receiving from Paul in June 2000.

Nov. 2000: Hillary Rodham Clinton (HRC) was elected as a Senator of New York.

Nov. 2000: Charles Ruff, who lead defense for Bill Clinton during his impeachment trial the year before (1999) died by heart attack; though the original AP report was that he died in an accident. He of course was another that took with him inside information of the Clintons to the grave.

2001: Peter Paul sued the Clintons and charged they swindled his money up to $1.9 million. Paul, in return for working for one year at Stan Lee Media (through Clinton contacts), he would offered Mr. Clinton $10 million in SLM stock, $5 million in cash and $1 million for the Clinton Library. Stan Lee Medi went bankrupt February 2001 and Paul fled to Brazil where was imprisoned before being extradited to the U.S.

2001: Clinton left the White House and began the Clinton Foundation.

2001: Hillary voted in favour of military action in Afghanistan.

2002: Hillary voted in favour of war against Iraq.

2004: Pulitzer Journalist Gary Webb was found shot in head 2 times and called ‘suicide.’ He was exposing CIA drug trafficking operations – including Mena Arkansas.

September 2005: The Clinton Global Initiative began.

2006: Hillary was re-elected as N.Y. Senator.

2007: Hillary announced she would run for President of the United States.

November 4, 2008: Barack Obama became President.

Nov. 20, 2008: Obama appointed Hillary as Secretary of State.

2009-2012: During her time as Secretary of State, the Clinton Foundation received money from all over the world – including from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. The Justice Department conducted several investigates on the Clinton Foundation and ‘pay to play’ politics with HRC.

2010 – 2012: The U.S. State Department – under HRC – approved $165 billion worth of commercial arms (weapon) sales to about 20 nations whose governments gave money to the Clinton Foundation.

Jan. 2010: Hillary went to Haiti following Earthquake and the death of ten thousands of Haitians. The U.S. would send tens of million in aid; but much of the money was used in corruptions. Hillary’s brother Tony Rodman was placed on the Board of VCS Mining, a North Carolina company – one of two companies granted a rare ‘Gold Exploitation Permit.’ In 2012, VCS got gold mining rights and the government received only 2.5% – half the normal royalties. The people of Haiti received little or nothing and their land was purchased with Rescue Funds and used to make ‘friends of Bill’ rich. Of the $6 BILLION that was given to Haiti from international funding, less than 10% went to the Haitian government and less to their people; while over $ 5.4 billion went to non-Haitian organizations and private contractors – all while Bill was co-chair of the IHRC (Interim Haitian Recovery Commission) with PM Jean-Max Bellerive.

June 2010: A Russian Nuclear Corporation was allowed to acquire controlling stock in Uranium One of Canada, who had a contract with the U.S. to mine in Wyoming about ‘20% of the licensed uranium in production in the U.S.’ according to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. For HRC’s help at the State Department, the Russian investors with interest in Uranium One gave millions to the Clinton Foundation and Bill received $500,000 in speaking fees.

July 31, 2010: Chelsea (Christian?) married Marc Mezvinsky (Jewish; age 32); they stayed at the home of Billionaire George Soros during their rehearsal. Mezvinsky’s parents had known the Clintons for almost 20 years. Marc worked for Goldman Sachs and became a partner of 3G Capital. He started Eaglevale Partners in Manhattan in 2014; which pushed their Hellenic Opportunity Greek hedge fund was LOST 90% of its value costing investors over $300 million – while Chelsea and Marc kept their $4 million ‘starter pad’ apartment in N. Y. City. The swapped it later for a 5,000 sq.’ $10.5 million home.

2011: Bill got $1 million for ‘five minutes’ of his time concerning Qatar investments in Haiti.

2011 to 2014: Chelsea made about $600,000 per year as a NBC News ‘special correspondent.’ She also made $300,000 when she was on the Board at IAC/Interactive Corp.

Nov 2016: BBC reported the above and that the foundation and the State Department arranged with the Haitian government for a $300 million, 600-acre factory to produce clothing for retail giants such as Target, Walmart and Old Navy. Several hundred farmers were evicted to clear the land, and the South Korean textile company Sae-A Trading Co. later donated between $50,000 and $100,000 to the foundation. While Clinton said the facility would produce 100,000 jobs, only 8,000 were created. The article linked below says also: “In email exchanges with top Clinton Foundation officials, a senior aide to Mrs Clinton, who was then-secretary of state, kept an eye out for those identified by the abbreviations “FOB” (friends of Bill Clinton) or “WJC VIPs” (William Jefferson Clinton VIPs).”

2011: Hillary failed to persuade Bashir al-Assad to resign as President and Dictator of Syria; nor did Obama or Sec. Clinton stop him from killing hundreds of thousands of his own people.

October 15, 2012: In a speech, Hillary took some responsibility for security lapses which led to the attack on the Benghazi US diplomatic mission and the death of the US ambassador and three other American citizens.

Dec. 2012: Hillary declined a 2nd term as Sec. of State during Obama’s second term.

Between 2001 and 2013, Bill Clinton (formerly William Blythe) made over $100 million in speaking fees.

June 2013: Rolling Stone journalist Michael Hastings died in a one-car accident. He had told friends that he feared for his life as he had written an Investigative Report on the Attack on Benghazi and Sec. of State Hillary Clinton’s lack of proper responses.

March 2015: The New York Times reported that Hilary had used a Private Server while Secretary of State. HRC said it was for ‘convenience.’ While serving as Sec. of State from 2009 to 2013 she used exclusively a private email address. In 2014, lawyers for Clinton turned over 30,000 of the tens of thousands of emails investigators reviewed. At least 113 contained CLASSIFIED information. FBI Director James Comey said in 2016 that the Justice Department should not prosecute Hilary because there wasn’t enough evidence to prove intentional mishandling. However, Navy sailor Kristian Saucier was sentenced to a year in prison for sharing a photo of a classified area (nuclear reactor) of their nuclear submarine. Hillary’s server was said to have been hacked by at least several of the following governments: China, Russia, South Korea and Germany.

April 2015: Hillary resigned from the Clinton Foundation and began her (35 year) run for President (again).

May 2015: King of Morocco agreed to give $12 million to the Clinton Foundation and host a CGI (Clinton Global Initiative) if Hillary attended a meeting. Huma Abedin, a chief aide for Hilary and campaign chairman John Podesta, handled the emails.

July/August: FBI and State Department were investigating whether HRC had classified documents on the private server or if she did anything wrong.

2015: Clinton ally Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe gave about $500,000 to the campaign of the wife of an FBI official who had oversaw parts of the Clinton Email Server investigation.

March 2016: Berta Caceres was killed in Honduras in her home after naming Sec. of State Hillary Clinton responsible for Honduran coup.

June 2016: Former UN Gen. President John Ashe died of ‘heart attack’ day he was supposed to testify about Hillary’s links to Ng Lap Seng.

June 2016: Bill Clinton met with Attorney Gen. Loretta Lynch in Phoenix at an airport tarmac. The meeting took place the morning of the House Benghazi Committee Report and Lynch controlled much of HRC’s E-mail investigation. Obama did little to find Justice for the Presidential Candidate.

Aug 2016: Journalist Victor Thorn, author of Crowning Clinton: Why Hillary Shouldn’t Be in the White House was shot to death.

2016: Debbie Wasserman Schultz was fired as the DNC chair due to voter fraud allegations uncovered also by Wikileaks. Soon afterwards, Seth Rich, a data director for the DNC was shot and killed. Beranton Whisenant, was also found washed up on a Florida beach dead. He was a federal prosecutor that specialized in fraud cases. John Ashe was going to testify against Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation; Shawn Lucas had filed a case against Debbie Wasserman Schultz on behalf of the Bernie Sanders campaign against the DNC and voter fraud; Seth Rich had access to the DNC Voter Expansion and discovered the HRC machine was rigging the election against Sanders; and Beranton had just filed cases in Broward County in May on behalf of the US Attorney’s office on voter fraud – ALL of these are now DEAD.

November 8, 2016: Against the polls, Hillary R. Clinton lost to Donald Trump.

April 2017: The Clinton Global Initiative laid off 22 workers and closed its doors after Wikileaks and various sources reported on their practices. After Hillary lost the election foreign donors cancelled their pledges that totaled hundreds of millions. The Australian government had given about $88 million over ten years.
Email to Clinton friend: White Nigerian billionaire Gilbert Chagoury is a close friend of former President Bill Clinton and has appeared on the Clinton Foundation donor list as a $1 million to $5 million contributor. He’s also pledged $1 billion to the Clinton Global Initiative. Chagoury was convicted in 2000 in Switzerland for money laundering. He cut a deal and agreed to repay $66 million to the Nigerian government.
Clinton Foundation: Revenue 2005 (before Bank bailout and stock market crash): $ 82 million and 2005 assets: $ 155 million. 2012 revenue while Hillary was Sec. of State increased to $ 234 million; by 2014 assets were $ 440 million. Estimated current assets: almost $ 600 million to the Bush Foundation’s approximate $ 400 million. It is (was) good to be the ‘queen.’
The Clinton Foundation 2017 Annual Report showed Net Assets over $426 million, with the CGI having $22.8 million. The Foundation has received about $2 billion since 2001.

Click to access 2016-Financials_ThankYou.pdf

May 2017: Peter Smith was killed 10 days after seeking Hillary’s emails from Russian hackers and listed ‘suicide’ though he had just talked to his investment banker – Charles Ortel.

Aug 2017: Kurt Smolek, security agent for Sec. of State Hillary Clinton, was killed. He had access and jurisdiction over classified data (emails, etc.).

Sept. 2017: Hillary published another book about herself.

Washington Post “Whitewater” Timeline

According to the Washington Post (in part):
‘Whitewater timeline,’ the Clintons borrow $203,000 from the McDougals to form Whitewater, intending to build vacation homes. Clinton is elected governor. 1980 Clinton loses his reelection bid and enters private legal practice. J. McDougal… Clinton’s economic development director, quits government to buy a small bank… loans $30,000 to Hillary… to build a model house on a Whitewater lot. 1982 McDougal buys… Madison Guaranty… Clinton elected governor. 1984 Federal regulators question …stability and lending practices of Mad. Guar…. and hefty commissions paid to the McDougals… 1985 McDougal holds a fund-raising event …to pay off a $ 50,000 Clinton campaign debt. Investigators later determine some of the money was improperly withdrawn from depositor funds. McDougal hires the Rose Law Firm, where Hillary Clinton is a partner… HRC …seeks state (husband governor) regulatory approval for recapitalization.
1986 McD… borrows $ 300,000 from a company owned by judge D. Hale… Hale’s company receives federal funds from the Small Bus. Admin. to lend to disadvantaged business owners (like the Clintons), but an investigation 10 years later alleges that he lent up to $3 million to political figures (guess who got most of that – and who owed favors). 1988 Witnesses from the Rose Law Firm say Hillary Clinton requested the destruction of Madison land contract files. Hillary writes J. McD… to ask for power of attorney to sell off remaining Whitewater lots and clear up bank obligations. 1989 Madison Guaranty collapses after a series of bad loans… The federal governments shuts it down and spends $ 60 million bailing it out. J. McDougal is indicted on federal fraud charges… 1990 McDougal is acquitted. (1991 Clinton goes to Bilderberg meeting and makes nice with Rockefeller, etc.) 1992 (during) presidential campaign… The Fed. Resolution Trust Corp. (RTC) investigating causes of Madison’s failure, sends a referral to the Justice Dept. that names the Clintons as ‘potential beneficiaries’ of illegal activities at Madison. January 1993 Clinton’s first term as president begins. May 1993 White House fires 7 employees in the travel office, possibly to make room for Clinton friends… July 1993 Deputy W.H. Counsel Vincent Foster files 3 years of delinquent Whitewater corporate tax returns. July 1993 Foster is found dead in a Washington (DC) area park. Police rule the death a suicide… White House aides enter Foster’s office shortly after his death, giving rise to speculation that files were removed from his office… Oct. 1993 RTC’s criminal referral is rejected by Paula Casey, U.S. attorney in Little Rock and former law student of Bill Clinton… March 1994 Webster L. Hubbell abruptly resigns as associate attorney general after allegations are raised about his conduct at the Rose Law Firm. Two of Clinton’s top political advisers call business friends and line up more than $500,000 for Hubbell, including $100,000 from the Lippo Group. Hubbell is later convicted of fraud and serves 18 months in jail.
(Lippo Group, multi-billion dollar conglomerate based in Indonesian ran by Mochtar Riady, a member of the Clinton Global Initiative, who’s dealing with the Clintons go back before his 1985 Governor term, to 1978 when Lippo bought a local Ark. bank. Riady’s son plead guilty in 2001 to ‘conspiracy to defraud the U.S.’ through illegal campaign contributions to Bill Clinton and other Democrats)
(Cont. Post article): Summer 1994 The House and Senate Banking committees begin hearings on Whitewater. Twenty-nine Clinton administration officials are subpoenaed or testify at congressional hearings. All are cleared of any wrongdoing… Oct. 1995 The Senate Whitewater committee issues 49 subpoenas to federal agencies and others involved in the affair. Dec. 12, 1995 White House associate counsel William H. Kennedy III, who worked at the Rose Law Firm, refuses to release subpoenaed notes of a 1993 meeting between administration officials and the president’s lawyers about Whitewater. Dec. 20 he White House drops its claim to attorney-client privilege and releases the notes. They prove vague and do not reveal any illegality, but contain the phrase “Vacuum Rose law files WWDC Docs – subpoena.” Jan 4, 1996 Hillary Clinton’s billing records from the Rose Law Firm are found …after two years. Clinton aide Carolyn Huber says she found the bills in August 1995 but didn’t realize their significance until coming across them again.
The documents include copies of bills for Hillary Clinton’s legal work, showing she performed 60 hours of legal work for Madison in 1985 and 1986. Jan 8 In a commentary titled “Blizzard of Lies,” New York Times columnist William Safire describes Hillary Clinton as “a congenital liar.” Jan. 22, 1996 Kenneth Starr subpoenas Hillary Clinton in a criminal probe to determine if records were intentionally withheld. This is the first time a wife of a sitting president has been subpoenaed. March 1996 Whitewater trial of Arkansas Gov. Jim Guy Tucker (D) and the McDougals begins in Little Rock. April 22 David Hale… who has pleaded guilty to two felonies, testifies at Whitewater trial that in early 1985 then governor Bill Clinton pressured him to make a fraudulent $300,000 loan to Susan McDougal and asked that his name be kept out of the transaction. April 28 (under oath) Clinton denies Hale’s charge… May 26 Gov. Tucker and the McDougals are convicted of nearly all the fraud and conspiracy charges Starr lodged against them 10 months earlier. June 17 “Second” Whitewater trial begins. Arkansas bankers Herby Branscum Jr. and Robert Hill are accused of illegally using bank funds to reimburse themselves for political contributions, including contributions to Clinton’s gubernatorial and presidential campaigns. July 15… Jim Guy Tucker resigns as governor of Arkansas. July 18 …Clinton denies… Aug 19 Former governor Tucker receives a suspended four-year sentence after his doctor testifies that he would likely die of liver disease if imprisoned (remind me to have my lawyer say that if i get caught robbery a saving and loan on Halloween or Christmas). Tucker is placed under home detention and fined $319,000… Aug 20 Susan McDougal is sentenced to two years in prison for her role in obtaining an illegal loan for the Whitewater venture…
Sept. 23, 1996 An FDIC inspector general’s report concludes Hillary Clinton drafted a real estate document that Madison Guaranty Savings & Loan used to “deceive” federal regulators in 1986. Sept. 30 The General Accounting Office reports that independent counsels investigating President Clinton and his administration have spent more than $25 million. Starr alone has spent more than $17 million. (hence the Clintons legal bills) Nov. 24 Clinton’s former campaign strategist for the 1992 election, James Carville, announces plans to attack Starr as a partisan hatchet man with a right-wing agenda. June 25, 1997 The Washington Post reports that Whitewater prosecutors have been questioning Arkansas state troopers about President Clinton’s personal life, including possible extramarital affairs he may have had while Arkansas governor. Jan. 16, 1998 Starr receives permission to expand his investigation into whether Clinton and his close friend Vernon E. Jordan Jr. encouraged a 24-year-old former White House intern to lie under oath about her alleged affair with the president. March 8, 1998 J. McDougal dies months before release from prison. April 23 Susan McDougal, finally serving her two-year fraud sentence after completing her 18-month contempt of court sentence, refuses yet again to testify before Starr’s Little Rock grand jury.
Nov. 1993, Ed Willey, Clinton campaign fund-raiser commits suicide, leaving his wife a note, ‘Im sorry doesn’t begin to explain. I hope one day you will forgive me.’ His wife stated that looking for a job to help her family out of its financial crisis she went to Bill, only to have him grope her and make advances. May 1994, former wife of Ark. St.trooper D. Ferguson committed suicide; at her grave in June her boyfriend also committed suicide, giving raise to many unfounded conspiracy theories; but not to the fact the the Clintons are connected to many lies and deaths in many strange ways. Some go back to Susan Coleman’s suicide in 1977; she was a student of Bill Clinton that was 7 months pregnant when it is reported she died from shooting herself in the back of her head. Or to Paul Wilcher, atty. investigating Mena corruption and due to report to Atty. Gen. Janet Reno died of natural causes; or to Jon Walker, RTC investigator who accidentally fell to his death from his balcony in 1993; or Ron Brown, former DNS Chairman who died in a plane crash with a gunshot wound to his head before being indicted with 54 others and publicly expressing his willingness to ‘make a deal’ with the prosecutors. Or a dozen formerly healthy and younger Clinton bodyguards who have all preceded Bill and Hilary in death.
Nevertheless, Juanita Broaddrick still maintains Bill raped her in 1979; and Gennifer Flowers maintains they had an affair; and in Dec 1997, lawyers for Paula Jones, who was suing Clinton on sexual harassment charges, subpoenaed Lewinsky. Jan 1998, Bill denied having had a sexual affair with M. Lewinsky. Nov. 1997, she had told a friend, L. Tripp, in confidence that she still had the blue Gap dress with Bill’s (lets say DNA) stain on it. August 1998, Bill (Clinton, not Cosby) admits to lying about the affair. Nov. Clintons settle with Jones for $ 850,000. Dec. 1998, the House of Representatives vote to impeach President Clinton for perjury and obstruction of justice. Feb 1999 the Senate acquitted the President in a 50-50 vote; 45 Democrats and 10 Republicans ‘not guilty.’ VP, future Nobel prize winner, Al Gore broke the tie.
Now it was also a fact the during his term as Governor, under the Bush administration, through the CIA and Oliver North ‘plane load after place load of cocaine was flown into Mena, Arkansas;’ yet, when asked by Sarah McClendon, Bill stated, ‘well… they did not say anything to me about it… it was a matter of Federal jurisdictions… appointed by previous administrations (google: Bill Clinton’s Lies About CIA Drug Trafficking in Mena and Youtube).’ Barry Seal (an acquaintance of my uncle) who ran guns and drugs illegally and for the C.I.A. was arrested, not given witness protection and remanded to stay at the Salvation Army in BR, where he was assassinated in 1986 by the Medellin cartel before he could testify against all the parties involved.
And a fact that after serving two terms, due to enormous legal bills, according to an ABC interview (6/9/14) Hillary stated, ‘we came out of the White House not only dead broke, but in debt.’ Nevertheless, in 1999, the year before, they brought a 5-bedroom home in Chappaqua, N.Y. for $ 1.7 million. And in 2000, before leaving Washington, they purchased a 7-bedroom home near Embassy Row in D.C. for about $ 2.85 million. The N.Y. Times reported that the Clintons put down $ 855,000 on the home. Citibank lent them $ 2 million; perhaps knowing Bill would do many speeches at $ 125,000 each (and HRC has followed in the same footsteps). But that was not all, according to PolitiFact, in 2001, Simon & Schuster paid him $ 2.84 million in royalties. Thus, by 2004, Hillary was among the top 10 wealthiest members of the Senate, worth between $ 10 and $ 40 million.
These things are recorded to show how power elites get loans, and favors, and protection, and many privileges not afforded the common citizen. They are also displayed to speak of the lies that they so easily speak, such as when asked during a book signing event and separately at campaign event a few years ago, if she had been to ANY Bilderburg meetings, Hillary replied to one,’i have no idea what you are talking about… i wasn’t there;’ and to the other, ‘no i never have;’ to which he responds, ‘isn’t this a picture of you at Bilderberg.’ (Google Hillary lies about Bilderberg). Even now 2016, Bilderberg is backing her for President.
And what does the future hold for the Clintons? Still facing E-mail charges. Still facing reported allegations that ‘The Clinton Foundation accepted millions of dollars from seven foreign governments during Hillary Rodham Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state, including one donation that violated its ethics agreement with the Obama administration’ according to The Washington Post 2/15/15. Donations came from countries including Algeria, Kuwait, Qatar and Oman, as well as Blackwater Worldwide and Saudi Arabia who has given between $10 and $25 million. What’s with all the Muslim contributions? Anyway this would not be a full on elite family report without finding some family tie to Financiers (i mean real one, not like the small banker McDougals). Oh yeah, Chelsea Clinton (who my sister taught in Arkansas – said she was very nice) married Marc Mezvinsky, co-founder of the hedge fund Eaglevale Partners ($ 330 million assets under management); and he is the son of two former Congress members. Their Manhattan condo is worth more than two of Bill and Clintons homes; even though Eaglevale’ Hellenic Opportunity Greek-focus fund lost about 90% value due to the Greek economic collapse. Every time i lose 90% of investor’s funds, they seem to want my $ 10 million condo. But a better question is how in the world, do you not put at least 10% protections on your hedge – it’s not like mutual funds are supposed to be playing roulette; on second thought nearly half of his investors would have still been in the black if they had bet on red.
Truly many are just simply caught up in the currents, or innocently born to families which they will naturally love and give and take with. Yet, the fact of the matter is, regardless what we think about them, the Clintons were and maybe will continue to be movers and shakers. They rubbed shoulders with the elites at George Soros’ wedding in 2013 where many Bilderburg attendees and members were present; and their Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) still works with the United Nations moving towards worldwide health mandates; they started CGI University and launched the Clinton Giustra Sustainable Growth Initiative in 2007; and Clinton Health Matters Initiative in 2012; and the Clinton Foundation (ran by President Donna Shalala – former Sec. of Health and Human Ser.) brought in about a billion dollars in the last five years and has a dream donors list which can be seen on Wikipedia, or as the Washington Post stated in 2015, ‘Since its creation in 2001, the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation has raised close to $2 billion from a vast global network that includes corporate titans, political donors, foreign governments and other wealthy interests, according to a Washington Post review of public records and newly released contribution data.’
In all fairness, to the Clinton Foundation, it is said about 88% of its raised funds go to charities (although, note like some Mega-churches, many of these great charities give to each other, and that system is no stranger to the Clinton Foundation); so that meaning they only have a little over $ 200 million for salaries and administrated cost. Yet, CARLY for America noted that the Clinton Foundation spent 12 percent of its revenue on travel and conferences and 20 percent of its revenue on salaries. That’s true. They can say they spend 88% because they include some expenses as ‘program service expenses’ and they are a part of the charity giving.
JUNE 12, 2016: according to NEWS, “An alleged ex-lover of Bill Clinton… Dolly Kyle claims to have been in a ‘a decades-long affair that lasted despite marriages and politics all the way to the threshold of the White House when she became a political liability.’ AOL states, Kyle, author of Hillary the Other Woman (hit Amazon June 2016), reported “the former president told her that he had sex with around 2,000 women, and that he and Hillary needed to have a child so they would ‘appear to be a normal couple’.” According to Dolly’s book, she ‘met Billy on a Hot Springs golf course when see was eleven and he was almost thirteen… their friendship grew throughout high school and college. It became a decades-long affair that… became a political liability, and he threatened to destroy her, as Hillary had done to so many of his other women over the years.’ Hillary the Other Woman pulls no punches revealing affairs, cover ups and numerous actions and policies of the Clintons, including The RICO (Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations) federal lawsuit that Kyle filed against Clinton and cronies while he and co-president Hillary were in the White House, and personally known examples of ‘their crimes and gangster-like threats and intimidation of political enemies.’
3 more strikes against Hillary; not that it matters, because Clintons have proved immune to any laws; or as the Foundation for Accountability & Civic Trust states, she is in a ‘league of her own.’ When HRC took the oath of office to become Sec. of State, the 3rd highest executive office in the U.S., she swore to ‘God,’ that she would ‘faithfully discharge the duties’ according to the Civil Service rules, i.e. ‘ethics’ rules that go with the office.
BUT first: July 2016, 27 yr-old Seth Rich was shot twice and murdered; police say it was a robbery. But Rich’s father said his son was found with his wallet and watch. Moreover, Rich was a DNC staffer – who is reported to have been part of ‘leaked’ DNC emails, and he was to testify before Congress as a ‘whistle-blower.’
FACT revealed:
1. Clinton received $ 350,000 in 2008 Pres. Campaign donations from the Clinton Foundation, as well as interacted with ‘Ready for Hillary’ Super PAC against regulations.
2. Hillary’s son-in-law, Marc Mezvinsky (who lost most of his investors over 80% in a Greek hedge fund and still bought his $ 6 million home) asked HRC to set up a meeting between one of his hedge fund clients and the State Dept. when she was Sec. of State.
Hillary: ‘Could you have someone follow up on this request, which was forwarded to me?’
Nides: ‘I’ll get on it.’ Thomas Nides, a vice chairman at Morgan Stanley – then Deputy Sec. of State (this bank officers in top position is a long time practice).
3. HRC violated ‘conflict of interest’ not only for her son-in-law, but her entire family – heads of the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation by accepting tens of millions in donations from foreign governments – most while Clinton was secretary of state: Australia, UK, Switzerland, Norway, Papua New Guinea, Swaziland, Rwanda, Sweden, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, United Arab Emirates, the Dominican Republic and Algeria.
August 2016: Julian Assange of Wiki Leaks revealed 350 ‘LaFarge related ‘Clinton server’ emails (some from ‘delete’ file):
4. Clinton took $ 100,000 from Lafarge who has operations in Syria and was implicated in past for export arms to Saddam Hussein. 2015 and 2016 Clinton Foundation received more donations from Lafarge which is tied to Saudi Arabia and possible arms to ISIS in Syria.
5. July 2016, Wiki leaks released over 19,000 emails from the DNC – showing unfair advantages to HRC that tilted Clinton – Sanders race; head of DNC resigned but Clintons press on.
6. Hillary destroyed files at least 2 times as a lawyer at the Rose Law Firm during McDougal Whitewater case (1996-98 before the Clintons were indicted) where Clintons and their close friends received fraudulent loans and contributions; and working for Madison Bank.
7. Hillary ‘Travelgate’ doc’s go missing in 1996.
8. Hillary or an aid of hers destroyed files in 1993 from Vincent Foster’s office after his ‘suicide’ before he could testify on 1994 Castle Grande case.
9. Clinton’s friend Hubbell takes one for the Clintons, as did both the McDougal’s going to jail for the Clinton’s – Jim M. dies in prison; wife takes the 5th.
10. Hillary deletes Benghazi documents on her illegal server in 2012.
11. Hillary sits in silence on Walmart board for six years while ten thousands of employees hours are set just below full time to avoid ‘health benefits;’ and while Walmart (former ‘made in America’) has its vendors move to China for easier business: then HRC wants the middle class to fund Obamacare as after the Waltons got their $100 billion and HRC her Bilderberg and Trilateral Commission connections.
12. While Sec. of State Hillary sends numerous emails (including Classified info.) to longtime friend Sid Blumenthal (who Obama refused to hire) – ethics violation again. (Blumenthal’s emails where likely hacked while he was in Benghazi).
13. 1976: Zeifman ‘fired’ Hillary for ‘engaged in self-serving unethical practices in violation of House rules’ during Nixon Watergate event.
August 2016, Judicial Watch releases more emails:

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