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Chronology 101-305

Featured map: Mediterranean (‘in between the lands’) Sea (Mare Internum) also called Mare Nostrum (‘our Sea’) by the Romans. The Iberian Peninsula was also called Hispania. Africa: some say named for Roman general Scipio Africanus who defeated Hannibal in the Second Punic War; others say from Egyptian ‘Afru-ika’ or Motherland.  As to Germany (Gaul), many Caesars in their names had the name or title Germanicus; this Germania was popularized by Germanicus Julius Caesar (Nero Claudius Drusus).  As to Europe; likely from Europa (Greek mythology – one of Zeus’ wives)

Second Two Centuries of the Early Church Fathers

Chronology of the Early Church Fathers
Name / Event Date Place Notes: (c. = circa/about)
‘Amen’ ‘Alleluia’ c. 101 Christians use certain Jewish terms in rites
Ignatius uses ‘Catholic’ c.105  ‘Catholic’ – ‘universal’ Church; Letter Smymaeans
Ignatius martyred 107 Rome
Alexander c106-9 Rome Bishop of Rome
Roman Creed c.110 Predated what became the ‘Apostles Creed’
Xystus or Sixtus 116 Rome Bishop of Rome
Hadrian 117 Rome Emperor of Roman Empire
Bishop Sixtus c.120 Introduces the Sanctus (Holy, Holy…) in service
Telesphorus 126 Rome Bishop of Rome
Hadrian renames c.129 Jerusalem called Aelia Captiolina
Roman temples to Jupiter, Juno and Minerva on Temple Mt; Aphrodite temple also up
Shepherd of Hermas c.130
Second Jewish Revolt 132
Hyginus c.137 Rome Bishop of Rome
Pius I 141 Rome Bishop of Rome
Justin Martyr c.150 Apology…
Didache c.150
Anicetus c.156 Rome Bishop of Rome
Plague sweeps Empire 164 Empire
Polycarp martyred 166 Rome Bishop Polycarp killed
Eleutherius 175 Rome Bishop of Rome
Martyrs of Lyons 177
Irenaeus 178 Lyons Bishop, author, teacher
Victor I 190 Rome Bishop of Rome
Pertinax & Didius 193 Emperors
Septimius Severus 193 Emperor
Clement of Alexandria 194 Alexandria Writes: Montanus
Tertullian c.200 N. Africa Bishop T’s Liber Apologeticus
 Clement of Alexandria may be first to record the use of the ‘fish’ as Christian symbol
Zephyrinus 202 Rome Bishop of Rome
 Alban a priest  209  Britain  Martyred
Callistus 218 Rome Bishop of Rome
Elagabalus 218 Rome Emperor
Urban I 222 Rome Bishop of Rome

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Roman Empire 268 AD (broken into 3 empires)

Roman Empire 268 AD.png

Chronology of the Early Church Fathers
        Name / Event Date Place Notes: (c. = circa/about)
About c.220 AD, Germanic ‘Goths’ are invading Asia Minor and the Huns of Mongolia began invading China ending Han Dynasty.  Great Wall no longer stops the Huns.
Urban I is martyred c. 230
Pontian 230 Rome Becomes bishop of Rome
For certain teachings 232 Rome Origen excommunicated
Hippolytus exiled c.233 Rome Speaking agst. bishops of Rome
Bishop Origen c. 235 Alexandria Writes on ‘Martyrdom’
Early in house Baptistry c. 240 Syria In Dura Europos
Bishop Origen c. 245 N. Africa Writes Hexapla parallel Bible
Roman is 1,000 247 Empire Rome’s millennium
Bishop Cyprian 248 Carthage Cyprian succeeds Donatus
Goths attack Rome 248 Goths attack and threaten Rome
Emperor Decius 249 Rom. Empire Citizens req. to sacrifice to ‘gods’
Gnosticism c. 250 Ascent through ‘knowledge;’ good vs. evil
Bishop Cyprian c.250 Cyprian Christian school of rhetoric open
Decius ‘Edict’ 250 Empire Law req. sacrifice to Rom. ‘gods’
Decius ‘Persecution’ 250 Christians killed for witness; many ‘apostatized’
Bishop Fabian 250 Rome Fabian martyred
Emperor Gallus 251 Rom. Empire Succeeds Decius after his death.
Bishop Cornelius c.251 Rome Excommunicates Novitian
Cyprian calls for unity c.251 Empire Also calls Tertullian ‘the master’
Emperor Valerian 253 Succeeds Aemilianus 3 month term
Like other Roman Emperors had done; Valerian commands sacrifice to ‘gods’
Bishop Saturninus 257 Toulouse Tied to bull; dragged to death
Sixtus II, bishop Rome 258 Rome Condemned w/ 8 others
Emperor Valerian c.258 Rom. Empire Orders death to Rome’s bishops
Cyprian, Sixtus II with 6 deacons and Lawrence of Rome all martyred
Emperor Gallienus

Germanic Goths



Son of Valerian; stopped persecution edict

Sack Athens, Corinth, Sparta; burn Clesus Library at Ephesus

Emp. Claudius Gothicus 268 Rom. Empire Empire being broken up
St. Valentine priest 269 Executed in Rome – refused to sacrifice to ‘gods’
Bishop Gregory died c.270 of Pontus Of Neocaesarea – in ‘Turkey’
Quintillus Emperor 270 Rom. Empire Suicide after short reign
Emperor Aurelian 270 Rom. Empire Defeated Goths, Vandals, Carpi
Tacitus Emperor 275 Rom. Empire Died after campaign vs. Goths
Emp. Marcus Aurelius 276 Rom. Empire Defeated Franks in Gaul
Emperor Diocletian 284 Rom. Empire Divided Rome in 4: ‘Tetrarchy’
Christians persecuted 286 Rome Sebastian – Rome shot w/arrows
Rome at war w/ Persia c.295 Near East: Narseh son of Shapur I, declares war

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Chronology of the Early Church Fathers
        Name / Event Date Place Notes: (c. = circa/about)
Roman Empire 285 Rom. Empire Split into West & East Empires
Emperor Maximian 285 Rom. Empire Caesar under Diocletian
Emperor Maximian 286 Rom. Empire Augustus of the West R. Empire
Emperor Diocletian 286 Rom. Empire Augustus of the East Rom. Emp.
Flavius Constantius I c. 288 Gaul Praetorian Prefect to Maximian
Flavius Constantius I Divorces Helena; marries Maximian stepdaughter Theodora
Constantine the Great 292 About age 20; son of Constantius and Helena
City of Tikal, Maya 292 Mayan Emp. oldest date recorded: on Stele 29
March 293, Gaius Aurelius Diocletianus established the Tetrarchy (rule by four)
Emperor Constantius I 293 Rom. Empire Caesar with Maximian
Emperor Galerius 293 Rom. Empire Caesar under Diocletian
Codex Hermogenianus 295 Collection of Roman laws and documents
Pope Caius dies 296 Pope Marcellinus becomes bishop of Rome
Emperor Galerius 298 Mesopotamia Defeats Persians
Armenia: State Religion 300 Armenia: first state to adopt Christianity Religion
Diocletian Persecution 303 Also called the ‘Great Persecution’; arrest leaders
‘Great Persecution’ 303 303-313 Christian persecution Roman Empire
Emperor Diocletian 303 Empire Orders all Churches destroyed
Procopius – Scythopolis 303 Palestine Procopius, among martyrs
Pope Marcellinus dies 304 Marcellus I become bishop of Rome (Pope)
Saint Agnes 304 Rome She becomes famous martyr
Saint Alban 304 Britain 1st recorded British Martyr
Saint Vincent 304 Saragossa Martyred in Spain
Emperor Constantius I 305 Rom. Empire Augustus of the West Roman E.
Emperor Galerius 305 Rom. Empire Augustus of the East R. Empire

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