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An EQUATION on The State of Man

Pilate said, “‘You are a king?”  “You say that I am a king,’  Jesus answered.  ‘For this reason I was born and entered the world, that I should bear witness to the truth…’ ‘What is Truth?’ Pilate asked… (John 18:37-).”  Jesus is ‘the Way, the Truth, and the Life (John 14:6),’ and those that followed His teaches were called ‘followers of the Way (Acts 9:4; 22:4; 24:14);’ and “…the disciples were first called Christians in Antioch (Acts 11:25).”


Many Christian ministers seek to deliver what they believe to be the Truth and truths through various writings.  For example, John Bunyan wrote The Pilgrim’s Progress and Journey to Hell in part to express the consequences of choices and the difficult paths in life.  Likewise, C.S. Lewis wrote, works like Mere Christianity to teach on such things as morality and the trinity.  I could go on a thousand lines speaking of Luther, Calvin, Wesley, Knox, Edwards, Aquinas and a thousand others who wrote books, articles and works giving commentary on the bible, philosophy and or man’s purpose and position in life.  Bonhoeffer offered lessons on discipline, discipleship and ethics; and some like William Gurnall offered books like The Christian in Complete Armour, giving us wisdom on how to walk in the Way, while being the subject of spiritual attacks.

Without the proper spiritual and biblical guidance of the Lord their words and mine fall short in providing us with the essential doctrines or teachings and truths that not only aid us in this world, but are required for lessons in righteousness and salvation.  Even seeking the Spirit and meditating and using the word of God, brilliant Christians would love the Lord and the Word, have been opposed to one another on various major doctrines.  i understand i am susceptible to the same failing to meet 100% truth in all my words, but like these men above, i earnest desire to produce an equation to help us see some truths in an easier manner.

An equation is a process of equating a problem, typically involving equalization and balance, as with mathematical equations; but it also can show symbolic representation of a chemical reaction – such as in a chemical equation.   There are also differential equations that involve functions and derivatives and are used to model or express changes in variables.   And for typical equations variable are unknowns to be discovered. However, one definition of the noun variable is element or ingredient, thus though a variable may be subject to changing, it also can be a known component.

Now, equations can also be use to represent logical expressions rather than using paragraphs of ordinary language.  It is seeking to convert statements and truths into a linear  mathematical type equation or expression.  For example, Paul says to the Thessalonians and us, that man has a spirit, soul and body (1 Thes. 5:23), thus a simple equation stating this can be M = Sp + S0 + B; however, without understanding these components one remains confused.  i hope to present a long equation relating to the State of Man.

EQUATION on The State of Man:

M = Sp + S + B

Mc{So(Be,H,v,E,etc.)} = G(gr,mer,lo,etc…)+Sm[{SpL(l,j,pe,f,ge,sc,pat,ki,go,w,u,c,m,kn,fL,etc…) +/- Sf{sin(si,id,w,ha,dis,jea,an,sa,e,dr,fo,ect…)} +/- R(ba)] + B(fl, b, c, ne, ivf, pn, mc, etc)

THUS:  (Man’s Condition -Mc): The Condition of One’s Soul (So), which is the living being (Be), the eternal self which makes the mind’s choices and body’s voluntary (v) actions is sometimes call the Heart (H), breath, desire, feelings, and the seat of emotions; and the Soul (So) or Mc is joined with and affected by that one’s spirit – which is susceptible to change and influenced by the Spirit of Lord, the spirit of the world, demonic spirits; and is affected by and also effects the Body (B), which is the flesh (f), blood (blood), cells (c), nerves, involuntary functions (ivf), pains (pn) and medical conditions (mc).  The Spirit of the man (Sm) is like an element which is contains 100%, and that spirit is made up or becomes the product of that those things that it welcomes and is influenced by or processed with or serves.  Thus the Spirit of the person or man (Sm) is encounters God (G) and His grace (gr), mercy (mercy), longsuffering (lo), love, etc… and the Spirit of the Lord (SpL), and the Spirit of the Lord contains a myriad of attributes: (love, joy, peace, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control, patience, kindness, goodness, wisdom, understanding, counsel, might, knowledge, fear of the Lord, etc. Gal. 5; Isa. 11:2); and the Sm encounters the spirit of the worlds and demonic doctrines and influences and sin (Gal. 5, 1Cor 6, Rev.20…).  Also, that one’s condition is affected by repentance (R).

A Man’s Condition = the state of their spirit (Led by the Spirit of God or spirit of flesh and the world and the deceiver Satan and his demons); Soul (Being, seat of the mind and heart, decisions of choices, Mind, Heart, Voluntary, eternal, etc.) + Body (flesh, blood, cells/bones, natural effects, involuntary functions, temporal).  Other Variables: Sin, Grace/Mercy (etc), Repentance, Commands, Obedience, Rebellion, Baptism, etc.

For a much more detailed look at the variables or things that influence and affect the state of a person’s current condition see the following link which leads to 5 parts: SOURCES of INFLUENCE

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