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Because Chemical Evolution falls into or overlaps both Cosmic and Biological Evolution it is not covered as a separate section.  This debate is in a hybrid policy format in six sections with no rebuttal, but much extra time in the constructive.  We offer the best arguments for both sides that are readily available and widely accepted their adherents.


The burden of proof when introducing new theories and especially outlandish assumptions rest with the ones purporting the theory.  And this is the case with Evolution; for when they cannot prove their base theory, many of them add more bizarre assumptions to avoid the Supremacy of God.  For example, the idea and statement made in their last constructive argument, “but even if life on Earth turned out to have a nonevolutionary origin, for instance, if aliens introduced the first cells billions of years ago, evolution since then would be robustly confirmed…”  This is their kind of thinking, aliens – but never God Almighty – could have placed a cell experiment on Earth – a sole planet able to sustain human life among millions; but the aliens did not place human beings or return to see their experiment for billions or millions of years, nor can any aliens be found or signs of such.

Evolutionists ignore that out of all species humans can reason and have a conscious with morals and abilities significantly far beyond all other species.  They ignore that none of their gages and methods are good for testing beyond thousands of years.  They stretch time into the ridiculous to makeup gaps and or hide flaws in their theories.  Most of their scientists do everything possible to put forth, confirm and support evolution, while dismissing and fighting against even equal time for Creationism in our children’s textbooks.  They rise up teachers and unquestioning – happy to remain ignorant – parents and students, who in time continue the process until Christianity and Creationism is the minority, and Christian leaders, have no strength.  Evolutionists understand Survival of the Fittest in the realm of American politics and know how to control the flow of information and Truth.

Evolutionists find bones in Pakistan, call them ‘Paki-cetus’ and the word becomes accepted in their texts.  They introduce flawed embryo evidence, mysterious words like ‘Jurassio’ and ‘Cambrian’ and place ages to them with little care for reason.  They have 100’ dinosaurs fully evolved 50 million years before an 18” squirrel is developed.  They say all their ‘missing links’ are extinct; when truly it is their evidence, including the bones, which are extinct.   Many of their scientists would take an undeveloped or deformed human or ape/monkey skull, such as if they would have randomly dug up Joseph Merrick’s skull or a shrunken skull of the Achuar, and they assign it to a certain age or era, such as the Australopithecine or Homo Erectus.  Nevertheless, evolution theory is not a laughing matter; it must be met with reason, science and evidence; as well as with Biblical Faith.

 As to the History

 English History is much as stated in the previous statement by the Evolutionist concerning the textbooks and progressive to when the courts kicked Creationism out of public schools.  However, they do not care to tell you that Alfred Kinsey is known to be a biased bisexual who intentional showed bias in some of his studies, including controlling the study group to help show his agenda.

Also, Ernst Haeckel’s drawings in textbooks have been shown to be ‘faked embryo drawings.’    In his 1868 book (in German, ‘The History of Natural Creation’) puts forth that he made comparisons including human, monkey and dog embryos; and that they were very similar during development.  However, in reality Haeckel produced a drawing of a single embryo and then made modifications based on his opinions, not actual embryos.   Moreover that was the ‘scientific work’ that Darwin referred to as a reference in his The Descent of Man (1871).   Therefore, putting put there flawed agenda without care for facts and truth, pro-evolutionist and anti-religious groups push through texts like Explore Evolution which incorrectly asserts Haeckel’s drawings and biogenetic philosophy.  

These influencers of students and future teachers do not tell you of the significant departures in the morphology of early embryos; but rather they include them in the secondary and college texts.  Imagine must animals embryos begin with a head, spinal cord for connection and nutrition and a heart, then organs and limbs begin to form – wow – Eureka – all animals must be related to the same source – at least those with backbones and the ones that did not become rocks or plants from the point of their fake cosmic comic evolution.  The Source of all creation, is the Almighty – who nearly all evolutionist reject. 

Now, as for Darwin, near his death in April 1882, had called ‘Lady Hope (Evangelist Elizabeth Cotton married Admiral Hope in 1877 – he died in 1881)’ to his bedside and she recorded some of his last words.   Darwin’s wife and family who were anti-religious claimed the following to be a myth.  Lady Hope was there at that time and told sources of her account, as researched and recorded by several such as L R Croft’s, ‘The Life and Death of Charles Darwin.’  Neighbor Sir Robert Anderson and the postman, Nicholis, a convert of J. Fegan’s crusade, confirmed her visit.  Also, Darwin’s servant was saved during the 1881 J. Fegan crusade, and spoke to Darwin about salvation before his death.

 Lady Hope stated: “…I was asked to go in and sit with the well-known professor, Charles Darwin.  He was almost bedridden for some months… He was sitting up in bed… gazing out on a far-stretching scene of woods and cornfields, which glowed in the light of one of those marvelous sunsets which are the beauty of Kent and Surrey (England).  His noble forehead… seem to be lit up with pleasure as I entered the room.  He waved his hand toward the window as he pointed out the scene beyond, while in the other hand he held an open Bible…’  “‘What are you reading now?’ I asked… ‘Hebrews!’ he answered… Then, placing his finger on certain passages, he commented on them.’  

‘I made some allusions to the strong opinions expressed by many persons on the history of the Creation, its grandeur and then their treatment of the earlier chapters of the Book of Genesis.  He seemed greatly distressed, his fingers twitched nervously, and a look of agony came over his face as he said, “I was a young man with unformed ideas.  I threw out queries, suggestions, wondering all the time over everything, and to my astonishment, the ideas took like wildfire.  People made a religion of them.’  Then he paused, and after a few more sentences on ‘the holiness of God’ and the ‘grandeur of this book,’ looking at the Bible… he suddenly said: ‘I have a summer house in the garden which holds about 30 people…. I want you very much to speak there… Tomorrow afternoon I should like the servants on the place, some tenants and a few of the neighbours; to gather there.  Will you speak to them?’ 

‘What shall I speak about?’ I asked.  ‘Christ Jesus!’ he replied in a clear, emphatic voice, adding ‘…and his salvation… and then …sing some hymns with them… if you take the meeting at three o’clock this window will be open, and you will know that I am joining in with the singing’.” 

This account may be true and I hope so; nevertheless, there is more likelihood that every single word of the account is true, than the likelihood than a billion years ago some atomic soup began all species. 

Creation Science

One of the primarily goals of Satan, leading atheist scientists, corporate and political leaders, as well as most evolutionists is to keep Creationism out of schools; and thus, away from the minds of children.   One such case of this is evident in the ruling by Judge William Overton in 1982 concerning Creationism being taught in the Eastern District of Arkansas.  Overton ruled that Creation Science is religion and not science.

During the court case, Robert Gentry, possibly the leading authority in the world on at the time on pleochroic halos, explained how uranium decays showed that instantaneous creation was required for the rocks to contain such halo effects due to the half-life of decaying and a dozen years’ worth of very technical examinations, evidence and explanations.

Nevertheless, Overton controlled the flow of the case and its ruling and the Arkansas Supreme Court did not overturn the decision.   Then, in 1987, the case of Edwards v. Aguillard reached the Supreme Court.  The Court ruled that a Louisiana law requiring that Creation Science be taught in public schools, along with evolution, violated the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment, because it was advancing religion.  The Courts and Congress seem to not care about teaching Truth or their hypocrisy of pray and the 10 commandments being allowed in their chambers, but not to the young impressionable minds of future American leaders and citizens.

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