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Demon Cases

According to several surveys, belief in demons, invisible non-corporeal (without moral body), is growing among the young adult generations from 17 to 35.  In 2013, the Huffington Post noted that 63% in that age range believed in demons.  And according to a 2012 Public Policy Poll concerning ‘Halloween,’ 37% of all respondents believed in ‘ghosts;’ yet, when asked, ‘do you think it’s possible for people to become possessed by demons…? – 57% answered ‘yes.’   In a 2007 Baylor Religion Survey, 68% answered yes or probably to the question of belief in demons.  In a 2011 AP-GfK poll 77% of adults stated they believed in angels.

The Psychology industry wants to claim all ‘spirit possession’ is a matter of Mental Health; likely from trauma, drugs, internal problems or genetic imbalance.  Although they are correct in this assumption probably the vast amount of times; the American Psychological Association and other such organizations most often ignore how ‘normal individuals’ change under such demonic attacks; how ‘possessed’ individuals do impossible acts (levitate, walk up walls, speak in unknown languages and tones etc.); as well as and more importantly ‘influences’ by spirits.

If they admitted ‘spirit/demon possession’ was real, then ‘religion’ and expert exorcists would come into play and cost them money and credibility. And considering such belief in ethereal beings, people should consider their origins and ‘Who’ restrains them.  If one would use logic, they would see that like mankind, angels and fallen angels/spirits (demons) had to be created by a Supreme God, for it is not possible for spirits to evolve from chemical matter.

Are DEMONS Real? Cases & Testimonies

Demonic Cases Part II

Julia’ was a middle-aged single woman in the United States.  She had a long history of involvement with satanic groups.  However, she was said to be highly intelligent and engaging.  Julia’s case involved a team of witnesses; priests, psychiatrists and assistants.  At some point, Julia began to go into ‘trance’ states.  Mentally ill individuals often ‘dissociate,’ but in her case the trances were accompanied by several phenomenons.  Voices from her mouth would exclaim, ‘leave her alone…’ etc.  The tones often were masculine and nowhere near Julia’s vocal ranges.   And when she came out of the trance, she declared no memory of what was said.   Her case also involved levitation.

Julia would often use ‘psychic’ or spiritual abilities.    She would describe the things in other locations, as well as feeling that others felt.  She told those attending to her of say a priest’s location at the time and what he was wearing (on the beach with a windbreaker) or of what one of the attendant’s cats did the night before.

At some point, Julia requested exorcism rituals.    The exorcism began June 2007, and though the temperate outside was warm, the room became cold.  Julia began to make strange noises and heat began to come upon the participants so that many could not bear it.  Julia went into a trance-state.  After prayers by the priest and certain ‘Roman Ritual’ procedures, multitude voices came out of her; as well as animal growls.  Julia also began to speak in Latin and Spanish, although she never learned those languages.

Moreover, with 2 nuns and 3 others holding her down (deacons and lay assistants), she broke their restraint after some time; and then levitated about a foot in the air for about 30 minutes.  When holy (blessed in the name of Jesus Christ) water was put on her; she would scream, but made no such response to regular tap water.

A board-certified psychiatrist, Dr. Richard E. Gallagher, who was also an associate professor at NYMC, was on site to witness and document the case.  He acknowledged that he personally observed items flying around the room, as well as Julia speaking in tongues and various languages; having knowledge of unseen events and levitating off the bed.

Dr. Gallagher wrote of Julia’s case in the New Oxford Review (February or March 2008) stating: “Periodically, in our presence, Julia would go into a trance state of a recurring nature.  Mentally troubled individuals often ‘dissociate,’ but Julia’s trances were accompanied by an unusual phenomenon: Out of her mouth would come various threats, taunts and scatological language, phrases like ‘Leave her alone, you idiot,’ ‘She’s ours,’ ‘Leave, you imbecile priest,’ or just ‘Leave.’ The tone of this voice differed markedly from Julia’s own, and it varied, sometimes sounding guttural and vaguely masculine, at other points high pitched. Most of her comments during these ‘trances,’ or at the subsequent exorcisms, displayed a marked contempt for anything religious or sacred.”

In a 2010 EWTB interview about Fr. Thomas Euteneuer’s book, Exorcism and the Church Militant, the priest (whose credibility was crush after a church cover-up sexual abuse scandal) stated, “like a lot of people …I assumed that the last serious exorcism probably happened about 500 years ago.  I was shocked when I found out they are still exorcists today…” Then Thomas spoke briefly of the case with Gallagher of Julia.

The Hidde: Exorcism of Julia was published in 2015 by Paulo Silva.  He speaks of ‘demons, evil spirits…’ and about exorcisms and of the Julia case (I have not been able to read this book online; and have not yet purchased it – though was available on Amazon and at B&N, and Walmart).

Anna Elisabeth ‘Anneliese’ Michel

Anna was a young German girl who died at age 23 from malnutrition and dehydration.  She was the motivation and base for the movie The Exorcism of Emily Rose.  At 16, Anna was diagnosed with epilepsy; and was soon after treated for depression at a psychiatric hospital in or near Klingenberg.   In 1970, at age eighteen she had a serious seizure at the psychiatric hospital.  She was put on Dilantin, an anti-convulsion drug, which did not solve her problems.

About 1973, at the age of 20, Anna suffered from depression and began hallucinating while praying.  She began to ‘hear voices,’ became averse to religious symbols and suicidal.   Anneliese was a devout Catholic; yet, became enable to wear her crucifix or sacred objects.  Late 1973, she was prescribed Tegretol, an anti-seizure drug and mood stabilizer; as well as anti-psychotic drugs which she continued to take.

Her parents, Josef and Anna, approached the local Catholic priest believing she was possessed.  In 1975, two priests (Arnold Renz and Ernst Alt) received consent from the Bishop Josef Stangl to perform exorcisms.

September 1975, Renz performed the first exorcise following the Rituale Romanum of 1614 (which warns priests of improper exorcisms or assuming ‘that someone is possessed by a demon;’ yet does contain the official Catholic exorcism ritual in Latin – chapter 13: ‘De Exorcizandis Obsessis a Daemonio’).  At that time Anneliese began explaining that she needed to ‘die to atone for the wayward youth… and apostate priests of the modern church.’

About 67 exorcism sessions were performed over the course of about 10 months, each lasting from one to four hours.  Bedridden over her last months, she became unable to walk and contracted pneumonia.  On July 1, 1976 she died at home weighing about 68 pounds.  The autopsy reported that it was from malnutrition and dehydration.

In 1978, her parents and the two priests were charged and tried for negligent homicide.   During the case, tapes of the exorcisms were played to the court.  The courts ruled that the priests be fined and that the lost was suffering enough for the parents.

April 1978, the Washington Post put out an article, Cries of a Woman Possessed, which stated, “the bizarre sounds have come from tapes recorded during some 70 visits that two Catholic priests made to the Bavarian home of Anneliese Michel… she, a former student-teacher at nearby Wuertzburg University, was, by all accounts, a deeply religious person raised by deeply religious parents… she had occasional psychiatric care, and later developed a history of epilepsy… after four years of medical treatment, her condition and mental depression worsened, she and her parents became convinced that demons or the devil had possessed her…”

‘…a 1974 survey by the Freiburg Institute for Border-Line Psychology determined that 63 percent of Catholic theologians in Germany believe in the devil and in his personal existence. A public opinion poll by the Wickery Organization in 1976, however, indicated that 89 percent of more than 2,000 people said “no” when asked if there was a devil, and whether he existed in the form of a being.”

According to a 2005 UK Telegraph article and interview, “Anneliese was a kind, loving, sweet and obedient girl.  But when she was possessed, it was something unnatural…”  The article reported, “Forty-two hours of the process were recorded and the tapes are said to make terrifying listening. Barely human growls mingle with throaty gurgles, screamed obscenities and a series of dialogues between each of the demons about the horrors of Hell. The sessions often resulted in such brutality that Anneliese would be held down or chained to her chair. By the spring of 1976, Anneliese was suffering from pneumonia and emaciation. Gradually weakened and exhausted to the point of fever, she died on July 1.”

Some of the tape transcripts are at the following (as of 3/2017):

The case of Anneliese Michel is well documented in two books: Anneliese Michel: A true story of a case of demonic possession by Fr. Jose Antonio Fortea and Lawrence E.U. LeBlanc and also “The exorcism of Anneliese Michel” by Dr. Felicitas D. Goodman.


Anneliese Michel

Arne Cheyenne Johnson / David Glatzel

On February 16, 1981, Arne Johnson called in sick to work; and later walked up to his landlord, Alan Bono, and stabbed him more than 20 times with a 5” pocket knife.  Bono did not die until hours later at the hospital in Brookfield, Connecticut.  It was the town’s first homicide in 193 years.

July 3, 1980, David Glatzel at age 11 woke up screaming about ‘a man with black eyes, a thin face with animal features and jagged teeth, pointed ears, horns and hoofs.’  They youth did not watch honor movies and was not known to makeup stories or have nightmares.  David’s sister Debbie asked her fiancé, Arne Johnson, to stay with the family to comfort David.  Yet, the boy had more nightmares of the ‘Beast Man.’ The ‘demon’ told the boy he was coming to take his soul.  Moreover, bruises and scratches appeared on him as he slept.  Additionally, noises came from the attic.

After some time, David began to see the Beast Man during the day; saying that he appeared as ‘an old man with a white beard, a flannel shirt and jeans.’  The Glatzels asked a priest to bless their home; after which the noises increased and became louder.  David’s dreams increased and worsened, he would awake 2 or 3 times an hour, and at times when he was awake, he would quote passages from Milton’s, Paradise Lost (published 1667).

Additionally, David’s mother testified that, “he would kick, bite, spit, swear-terrible words’ and that ‘he experienced strangling attempts by invisible hands which he tried to pull from his neck, and powerful forces would flop him rapidly head to toe like a rag doll.”

Later during a People Magazine interview with Ed and Lorraine Warren (world renown Demonologist who was involved with the Amityville Horror; asked by the local priest to see David) who had observed and spoken with David, Lorraine stated, “While Ed interviewed the boy, I saw a black, misty form next to him, which told me we were dealing with something of a negative nature.  Soon the child was complaining that invisible hands were choking him – and there were red marks on him…”

The Warrens and four priests, including Fr. Virgulak of St. Joseph’s, performed 3 exorcisms on David and claimed about 43 differ demons spoke out of him.  Arne was present at the exorcisms.  During one he taunted the demons in David; even telling them they were too frightened to leave David and enter him.  It was testified by the Warrens that Arne said, “Come into me, I’ll fight you, come into me.”  Others said he added, ‘leave the boy alone.’  When the exorcism was over, the Warrens called the local police in Brookfield and suggested that they watch Arne.

About November 1980, David’s parents took him to the family’s doctor, as well as a psychiatrist.  David was said to be normal, with a slight learning disability.  He still had trouble sleeping, so Debbie and Arne moved and rented an apartment from Alan Bono.  During Arne 19 years, he had never done anything criminal.  He was known as a ‘good’ kid, who dropped out of high school and got a job to help his mother out.

According to Debbie, after Arne taunted and welcomed the demons during the exorcism, he began to change.  Soon after, he would go into trances and would growl at space and remember nothing.  He also claimed to see the Beast Man.

February 16, 1981, Arne called work saying he was unable to go; and then went to see Debbie and his sister Wanda at Brookfield Kennels where they worked.  Debbie’s young cousin Mary also came that President’s Day as school was closed.  Mr. Bono showed up and offered to take them all to lunch at a local bar.

Mr. Bono began drinking a lot of alcohol; and according to the waitresses’ testimony, she served three carafes of red white to the two men.  After lunch they all returned to the kennel.  According to The Courant, Bono and Arne began to argue over Debbie (Deborah Glatzel; 26) later that evening at the rented apartment.  Arne growled and hissed at him at some point.  When Debbie tried to get Wanda and Mary out of the room, Bono grabbed Mary.

At that time Arne pulled out a pocketknife and stabbed Bono over 20 times.  Arne then walked away and was picked up by the police about 2 miles away.   In Arne’s statement to the police, he said, “I think I hurt someone.” According to the Connecticut Courant (4/2014), Arne’s “lawyer Martin Minnella… planned to use the unprecedented ‘demon possession’ defense.  However, the argument was not allowed by Judge Robert Callahan.

Arne was convicted of Manslaughter and served 4 years of his 10, due to good behavior.   The book, The Devil in Connecticut (1983) and movie The Demon Murder Case (1983) were based on Arne.   Likewise, the Discovery documentary: A Haunting; where Demons Dwell (2006) was about the events.  In this documentary his parents spoke about David’s case; such as him saying ‘he push me… the old man;’ and ‘I keep seeing the old man… he’s talking to me now.’  David told the family that an animal was scratching at a door at the rental apartment where the old man was; the next day the family went and saw flesh claw marks.  Because they put down 2 months’ rent; although they wanted to not take the place, they did move in.

Part I and II can be seen at the following (as of 3/2017):

David Berkowitz; the ‘Son of Sam’

Richard David Berkowitz (Falco) became known as the Son of Sam serial killer after 8 shootings in New York City in 1976.  In July 1977 he killed 6 people and wounded 7 others.   Then he sent letters to the police mocking them and writing that other victims would follow.  August 10, he was caught and indicted.  He confessed to all the shooting and claimed that a demon named ‘Harvey,’ spoke to him through his neighbors’ dog ‘Sam.’   After his 6 life sentences, N.Y. passed laws not allowing criminals to profit from their popularity.  Berkowitz later claimed that he had been a member of a violent Satanic cult and they were ritual murders.

In 1971, at 18, Berkowitz (his adopted name) joined the Army and served in S. Korea.  In 1974 he was honorable discharged.  After locating his mother and learning of his illegitimate birth, he became stressed.  He kept contact with his half-sister, but did not talk to his mother.  At the time of his arrest, he worked for the US Postal Service.

Berkowitz’s first murder attempt was Christmas Eve 1975, with a knife; the victim survived and he began using a .44 caliber revolver.  His first shootings began July 1976.  He killed 19 year old D. Lauria and shot J. Valenti, who survived and described him.  The next 2 shot in October and 2 in November all survived; some with serious long-term injuries.   January 1977, he shot an engaged couple; C. Freund age 26 was killed.   March 1977 he murdered 19 year old Columbia University student V. Voskerichian.  Then in April, shot and killed another couple, A. Esau and V. Suriani.

At the murders of the last two victims, Berkowitz left a letter.’  He said ‘…a women hater. I am not.  But I am a monster.  I am the ‘Son of Sam.’ …’Go out and kill’ commands father Sam… I don’t belong on Earth.  Return me to yahoos.  To the people of Queens, I love you… happy Easter.  May God bless you in this life and in the next… Police… I’ll be back! …bang, bang… Yours in murder Mr. Monster.”

May 30, 1977 Jimmy Breslin of the Daily News received a letter.  In the middle of it; he stated, “…Like a spirit roaming the night.  Thirsty, hungry, seldom stopping to rest; anxious to please Sam.  I love my work… the ‘Wicked King Wicker,’ the Twenty Two Disciples of Hell… Rapist and Suffocator of Young Girls… Son of Sam.”

In June 1977, Berkowitz shot 2 more victims, both of which miraculously survived.  And again in July 1977 he shot 2 more victims; one died and the other survived losing almost total eyesight.  After which witnesses describe a wig and a yellow Volkswagen.  Berkowitz’s drove a yellow Ford Galaxie.  At first the police consider him a witness; but when they found his car on August 10, with a rifle in the backseat and a duffel bag with ammunition, and maps of the crime scenes; as well as a letter addressed to a police inspector; they know it was him.

The police caught he later as he got into his car; the .44 revolver was in a paper bag next to him.  When Detective Falotico, with his gun to the suspects head, said, ‘Now that I’ve got you, who have I got?’  After a few words he said, ‘Sam, David Berkowitz.’  At his interrogation August 11, he confessed.

In 1987, in prison, David claimed he became a Christian after reading Psalm 34:6, ‘in my desperation I prayed, and the Lord listened; He saved me from all my troubles.’  From prison Berkowitz wrote at least two ‘Son of Hope’ books.  And in prison he was interviewed several times.

In a CBN interview he said, ‘I made a pact with the devil… after some rituals, initiations and things I went through, I began to experience… hallucinations.  And Satan had come upon me with his power.  They were like audio-visual things that came… I was demonically possessed…’

In Son of Hope: My Story (1999) he said, “…I am a prison inmate who has been incarcerated for more than 22 years… 11 years ago… God got a hold of my life.  Here is my story of Hope…  Ever since I was a small child, my life seemed to be filled with torment.  I would often have seizures… when these attacks came; it felt as if something was entering me.  My mother …had no control over me.  I was like a wild and destructive animal.  My father had to pin me to the floor until these attacks stopped.

When I was in public school, I was so violent and disruptive that a teacher… grabbed me in a headlock and threw me out of his classroom.  I was getting into a lot of fights… Sometimes I started screaming for no reason… I had to go to this psychologist once per week for two years.  Yet the therapy sessions had no effect on my behavior.

…I was also plagued with bouts of severe depression.  …I would hide under my bed for hours.  I would lock myself in a closet… in total darkness… I had a craving for the darkness… Occasionally this same evil force would come upon me in the middle of the night. When this would happen I felt an urge to sneak out of the house and wander the dark streets…

Thoughts of suicide often came into my mind. Sometimes I spent time sitting on a window ledge with my legs dangling over the side. We lived on the 6th floor of an old apartment building. When my dad saw me doing this he would yell at me to get back inside.

I also felt powerful urges to step in front of moving cars or throw myself in front of subway trains. At times those urges were so strong that my body actually trembled. I remember that it was a tremendous struggle for me to hold on to my sanity.

I had no idea what to do and neither did my parents. They had me talk to a rabbi, teachers and school counselors, but nothing worked.

When I was fourteen my mother was stricken with cancer and within several months she was dead. I had no other brothers or sisters, and so it was just me and my dad. He had to work ten hours per day, six days per week. So we spent very little time together.

…I was filled with anger at the loss of my mom. I felt hopeless and my periods of depression were more intense than ever. I also became even more rebellious and began to cut out of school.  Yet my dad tried to help as best as he could. He managed to push me through high school. The day after I graduated I went into the Army… I did manage to finish my three-year enlistment.  I got out of the service in 1974 to start life again as a “civilian.” All my friends that I knew before had either married or moved away. So I found myself alone and living in New York City.

In 1975, however, I met some guys at a party who were, I later found out, heavily involved in the occult.  I had always been fascinated with witchcraft, Satanism and occult things since I was a child. When I was growing up I watched countless horror and Satan-type movies, one of which was Rosemary’s Baby…

Now I was age twenty-two and this evil force was still reaching out to me. Everywhere I went there seemed to be a sign or a symbol pointing me to Satan. I felt as if something were trying to take control of my life. I began to read the Satanic Bible by the late Anton LaVey who founded the Church of Satan in San Francisco in 1966.  I began, innocently, to practice various occult rituals and incantations.

I am utterly convinced that something satanic had entered into my mind and that, looking back at all that happened, I realize that I had been slowly deceived… over the months the things that were wicked no longer seemed to be such. I was headed down the road to destruction and I did not know it. Maybe I was at a point where I just didn’t care.

…After years of mental torment, behavioral problems, deep inner struggles and my own rebellious ways, I became the criminal that, at the time, it seemed as if it was my destiny to become.  Looking back it was all a horrible nightmare and I would do anything if I could undo everything that happened. Six people lost their lives. Many others suffered at my hand, and will continue to suffer for a lifetime. I am so sorry for this.

In 1978 I was sentenced to about 365 consecutive years, virtually burying me alive behind prison walls. When I first entered the prison system I was placed in isolation. I was then sent to a psychiatric hospital because I was declared temporarily insane. Eventually I was sent to other prisons including the infamous “Attica.”

As with many inmates, life in prison is a struggle.  I have had my share of problems, hassles and fights.  At one time I almost lost my life when another inmate cut my throat. Yet all through this, and I did not realize it until later, God had His loving hands on me.

Ten years into my prison sentence and feeling despondent and without hope, another inmate came up to me one day as I was walking the prison yard one cold winter’s night. He introduced himself and began to tell me that Jesus Christ loved me and wanted to forgive me. Although I knew he meant well, I mocked him because I did not think that God would ever forgive me or that He would want anything to do with me.

…He kept reminding me that no matter what a person did, Christ stood ready to forgive if that individual would be willing to turn from the bad things they were doing and would put their full faith and trust in Jesus Christ and what Jesus did on the cross – dying for our sins.  He gave me a Gideon’s Pocket Testament and asked me to read the Psalms. I did. Every night I would read from them. And it was at this time that the Lord was quietly melting my stone cold heart.

One night I was reading Psalm 34. I came upon the 6th verse, which says, “This poor man cried, and the Lord heard him, and saved him from all his troubles.”

It was at this moment, in 1987, that I began to pour out my heart to God. Everything seemed to hit me at once. The guilt from what I did… the disgust at what I had become… late that night in my cold cell, I got down on my knees and I began to cry to Jesus Christ.

I told Him that I was sick and tired of doing evil. I asked Jesus to forgive me for all my sins. I spent a good while on my knees praying to Him. When I got up it felt as if a very heavy but invisible chain that had been around me for so many years was broken. A peace flooded over me. I did not understand what was happening. But in my heart I just knew that my life, somehow, was going to be different.

…Jesus Christ has allowed me to start an outreach ministry right here in the prison where I have been given permission by prison officials to work in the “Special Needs Unit” where men who have various emotional and coping problems are housed. I can pray with them as we read our Bibles together…

I have worked as the Chaplain’s clerk and also have a letter writing ministry. In addition, the Lord has made ways for me to share with millions, via TV programs such as Inside Edition in 1993 and A&E Investigative Reporter in 1997, what He has done in my life as well as to warn others about the dangers of getting involved in the occult.

I have also shared my testimony on several Christian TV programs such as The 700 Club in 1997 and The Coral Ridge Hour (Dr. James Kennedy) in 1999. For all these opportunities I am most thankful, and I do not feel I deserve this.

One of my favorite passages of Scripture is Romans 10:13. It says, “For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.”

…You must believe that Jesus Christ died and was buried, and on the third day He rose again in victory, for death could not hold Him. Ask Christ to forgive you. Declare Him as Lord of your life and do not be ashamed to do so. To reject Jesus Christ and His work on the cross is to reject God’s perfect and only gift of salvation and eternal life…

I was involved in the occult and I got burned. I became a cruel killer and threw away my life as well as destroyed the lives of others. Now I have discovered that Christ is my answer and my hope. He broke the chains of mental confusion and depression that had me bound. Today I have placed my life in His hands. I only wish I knew Jesus before all these crimes happened — they would not have happened.”


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