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Systematic Theology


Lewis Chafer, late President and Professor at Dallas Theological Seminary wrote in his eight volume work, Systematic Theology, “‘Systematic Theology, the greatest of the sciences, has fallen upon evil days.  Between the rejection and ridicule of it by the so-called progressives and the neglect and abridgment of it by the orthodox…  the average minister is not now reading Systematic Theology…’ (and that was written just after WWII in 1947, in assure you now the ‘average minister’ views more pornography that systematic theology – maybe surveys on that on the other post later)

Nevertheless, Chafer continues, ‘no worthy theologian will be satisfied alone with the result of the research of other theologians, but will himself be ever searching the Scriptures…  Systematic Theology is the collecting, scientifically arranging, comparing, exhibiting and defending of all the facts from any and every source concerning God and His works, it is obvious there could be no valid reason offered for the omission of any vital doctrine from this science…'”

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