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Exposing the Sorcerers: House of Rothschild

Featured Image: One of Rothschild’s Palaces: Waddesdon, England

The House of Rothschild or the Rothschilds are overall one of the most powerful families in the world.  i say this due to the fact that not only does their linage and power go back generations beyond the American billionaires of the Rockefellers, Morgans, and Waltons; but that they have helped start and finance several wars over the centuries, and still retain power today.   Even now (June 2016) their website,, states under ‘who we are:’ “One of the world’s largest independent financial advisory groups… Rothschild & Co is a global and family-controlled group. We provide M&A, strategy and financing advice, as well as investment and wealth management solutions to large institutions, families, individuals and governments, worldwide.  Having been at the centre of the world’s financial markets for more than 200 years we can rely on an unrivaled global network of more than 2,800 financial specialists and a track-record of outstanding execution with 50 offices around the world.”

The Rothschild banking dynasty typically begins with Meyer Amschel Rothschild in the late-1700s.  Meyer and his five sons established banking houses in several great cities, and had elite merchants, kings, barons, dukes, politicians and governments for their clients.  However, Meyer did not simply wander into the banking business.  His father Amschel Moses Rothschild was a German Jewish money-changer and merchant in Frankfurt.  And before Amschel Moses was his father Moses Kalman Rothschild and his father Kalman Herz Rothschild and his father Herz Moses Rothschild and his father Moses Isaac Rothschild (Mosche Rotschild or Mose zum rot.Schild: c.1560-1635) and his father Isaac Elchanan Bacharach, zum Hahn, zum rot. Schild (also known as: Isaak Bauer c.1528-1588), the son of Elchanan zur roten Rose (also: Elchanan Bauer c.1496-1550) of Frankfurt.

CHAPTER ONE: Family History

According to, Rothschild: “Celebrated family of financiers, the Fuggers of the nineteenth century, deriving its name from the sign of a red shield borne by the house No. 148 in the Judengasse of Frankfort-on-the-Main. This house is mentioned in the “Judenstädtigkeit” of 1619, at which date its number was 69. Curiously enough, it at first bore the sign of a green shield (“Zum Gruünen Schild”).  It was restored in 1886, and, though not in its original location, it still remains in possession of the Rothschilds as a kind of family museum and memorial.  The earliest notice of a member of the family, given in the burial records of Frankfort, is that of Moses Rothschild (c.1550)… Members of the same family are mentioned at Worms in the 17th century… Mendel Rothschild was… rabbi of Worms for 14 years.”

The site continues, “Mayer Amschel Roths-child:  The first Rothschild of any prominence was one Amschel Moses Rothschild, a small merchant and money-changer at Frankfort-on-the-Main; but the founder of the house was his son Mayer Amschel Rothschild, born in that city about 1743…  He was at one time destined for the rabbinate, and studied for that purpose in Fürth. He soon changed his career, however, and took a post in the Oppenheim banking-house in Hanover. About 1760 he started in business for himself in his native city, in the house of his father, who was then dead. He married, Aug. 29, 1770, Güttele Schnapper, who lived to see her sons at the head of European finance. Mayer was a general agent and banker, and traded also in works of art and curios. In the latter connection he became an agent of William IX., Landgrave of Hesse-Cassel, who on his father’s death in 1785 had inherited the largest private fortune in Europe, derived mainly from the hire of troops to the British government for the putting down of the Revolution in the United States.   …It was only toward the end of 1798 that he had sufficient credit with the prince to undertake single-handed any large quantity of gold brokerage. From 1800 to 1806 the Landgrave placed with Rothschild 1,750,000 thaler, mostly at 4 per cent, part of it to be invested in Frankfort town loans, part in Danish loans. In 1801 he became the Landgrave’s court agent.”

A 2009 Forbes article stated, “Baron Rothschild, an 18th-century British nobleman and member of the Rothschild banking family, is credited with saying that ‘the time to buy is when there’s blood in the streets.’  He should know. Rothschild made a fortune buying in the panic that followed the Battle of Waterloo against Napoleon. But that’s not the whole story. The original quote is believed to be ‘Buy when there’s blood in the streets, even if the blood is your own’.”

The American Revolutionary War lasted from 1775 to 1783.  During the war, a Spanish/Portuguese Jew named Naym Solomon was a financier that greatly aided the Continental Congress in gaining hundreds of thousands of dollars from international bankers.  Robert Morris the Superintendent for Finance for America relied on Solomon (Salomon) to come through with at least 75 loans.  In order to pay back international debts of the War, Alexander Hamilton and Robert Morris persuaded Congress and President George Washington to establish the First Bank of North America in 1781.  The Bank was granted a 20 year charter.  The Treaty of Paris ended the War in 1783, but several millions of dollars (billions in todays $) were still owed.

At the time of the Revolutionary War, Mayer A. Rothschild was in Hesse-Kassel (near Frankfurt), which was part of the Holy Roman Empire under William IV, son of Philip I of Landgrave.  Philip became a protector of the Lutheran church after meeting Martin Luther and Philipp Melanchthon.  Philip’s father, William II was commissioned by Emperor Maximilian I.   Through Philipp I protected Protestants – primarily Lutherans and Calvinist; Luther said he lived ‘constantly in a state of adultery and fornication.’  He had two legal wives and 19 children.  Standing against the Catholic Church did land Philip in prison.

Philip I’s son, William IV also grew to be a protector of the Protestants against the Catholic Church.  He had about 14 children with Maria Amaila, including William VIII, whose son Frederick II married Princess Mary of Great Britain (daughter of King George II and Landgravine of Hesse-Kassel).   Frederick and Mary had William I (also: William IX), who granted by Napoleon in 1803, would be Elector of Hesse.  In 1806, the Holy Roman Empire was dissolved and William I became the Prince-elector of the State of Hesse.  Hesse had connection with the House of Lorraine and thus the House of Hapsburg.

So various sources confirm that one or both Frederick II and his son William I (IX) grandson of King George II, supplied King George III (uncle to William) with 16,800 Hessian mercenaries for up to 3.2 million pounds.   As many as 30,000 of these experienced German troops for hire fought with the British against the Americans during the Revolutionary War.  Mayer A. Rothschild had connections with William I about that time.   Mayer had worked for the House of Oppenheim or Oppenheimer in Hanover.  In 1763, following his father’s death, Mayer moved back to Frankfurt (home of a great many German banks).  By 1769, Rot-schild (Red Shield; Rothschild) was appointed court factor to Prince William.

 CHAPTER TWO: Family Tree


Elchanan zur roten Rose (also: E… Bauer) of Frankfurt; c. 1496-1550

Son of Uri Bacharach; Married: Fogele zur roten Rose

The House of Rothschild: Money’s Prophets, “In 1241, > ¾ of the Frankfurt Jews were massacred in the ‘Battle of the Jews’ (Judenschlacht)… in 1458, at the order of the Emperor Frederick III Jews were confined to a ghetto… majority of town… converted to Lutheranism in 1537… until end of 18th century, Jews restricted to 500 families.”


Son: Isaac Elchanan Bacharach zum Hahn, zum rot. Schild (also: Isaak Bauer)

Isaac’s brothers: Moses, Uri, Abraham, and David

Isaac: c. 1528-1588; Isaac married: Esther Rothschild  (at least 4 children): Moses

Moses Isaac Rothschild

c. 1560-1635

Frankfurt, Preussen

Also: Mosche Rotschild / Mose zum rot. Schild

Married: Gutchen (Gitchen) Naftali Rothschild

Children: Isaac Hase, Feibesch R… and Herz Moses R…

Naftali ben Mosche




also: Naphtali Hirsch (Herz, Hertz) Moses

Married: Schonche Rothschild and Channe Rothschild

Schonche gave 3 children: Moses Herz, Gudle Strauss

and Kalman Herz Rothschild, Hinter Pfann (warming pan)

Kalman Herz



Married: Gutle Rothschild and Bejle Rothschild

Gutle gave: Esther, Moses Kalman R…, Meir

Bejle gave: Zalman (Salomon) R…

Moses Kalman

‘Calmann’ Rothschild


Also known as: Moses Bauer; Mosche ben Kalman R…

Married: Schonle Rothschild;     at least 2 children:

Herz Moses R… & Amschel Moses Rothschild




Amschel ben Mosche Rothschild (also used Bauer)

Married: Schonche Lechnich; bore 8 children

4th child: Mayer Amschel Rothschild

MAYER Amschel



of Frankfurt

Holy Roman Empire


‘Father of International Finance’

Married (1770): Guttle Schnapper (1753-1849)

Bore: 10 children, including Amschel, Salomon, Nathan, Carl and James (the ‘five arrows’ of Banking)

Amschel Mayer

Von Rothschild

1773-1855; Amschel married Schonche & Benedikt

He took over Frankfurt after father’s death

Salomon Mayer

Von Rothschild

1774-1855; Salomon married Caroline

Sent to Vienna to establish Rothschild banking House

Nathan Mayer



Nathan married Hannah Cohen

He was sent to London to establish R… banking House

N. M. Rothschild & Sons – most powerful of 5

Calmann ‘Carl’ Mayer


1788-1855; Carl married Adelheld

Carl was sent to Naples to establish R… banking House

Jacob ‘James’ Mayer


1792-1868; married Betty (his niece) daughter of Salomon

Established De Rothschild Freres in Paris


MAYER Amschel ROTHSCHILD of Frankfurt: 1744-1812

 (some info. from The Rothschild Archive:


Amschel Mayer

Von Rothschild


(2nd Generation)

“Amschel was taken into the family business aged about twelve, and traveling… to trading centres of Germany.”

Amschel married Eva Hanau 1796 (no children)

He headed the business from Frankfurt


Salomon Mayer

Von Rothschild


(2nd Generation)

“Baron von Rothschild from 1822… Ennobled by Austrian Emperor”    / Established first bank in Vienna.

Wife Caroline; C: Anselm Salomon & Betty (mar. uncle)

Vienna: negotiated a lottery loan of $ 58 million florins

Funded the first major steam railway in Europe (1839-)

1843 purchased Witkowitz Mines & Iron Works (Moravia)


Nathan Mayer



(2nd Generation)

Settled in England in 1798 as ‘a textile merchant’

Wife 1806: Hannah Cohen (Jewish father Levy – an English Financier of a family of merchants of the Netherlands)

Hannah was a distant cousin of Karl Marx (1818-1883)

N. M. Rothschild of London (bullion & foreign exchange)

Supplied Wellington’s troops with gold in 1814-15

Issued 26 British and foreign loans 1818-1835

1824 floated the Alliance Assurance Co. (which assumed Witkowitz Iron (Vitkovice) in 1937 before WWII)

N/Hannah: 7 children: Charlotte married Anselm 1st cousin

Lionel married Charlotte 1st cousin, daughter of Carl

Anthony, Hannah, Mayer Amschel mar. Juliana Cohen

Nathaniel married Charlotte 1st cousin, daughter of James

Louise married 1st cousin, Mayer Carl von Rothschild


Kalman ‘Carl’ Mayer



(2nd Generation)

1820s ‘dispatched to Naples to handle family’s business’

Baron by Austria in 1822; Royal Prussian Privy Councillor

Privy Councillor of Hesse; Gen. Consul of Sicily

Knew Naples Prime Minister Luigi de’ Medici (1759-1830)

Wife: Adelheld     5 children: Charlotte, Mayer Carl, Adolf Carl, Wilhelm Carl and Anselm Alexander Carl


Jacob ‘James’ Mayer

Freiherr (Baron)



(2nd Generation)

Founded De Rothschild Freres in Paris in 1817

1824 married Betty (his niece) daughter of Salomon

Became advisor to 2 French kings

After loans to Louis-Philippe – received Legion of Honour

1 of his homes is now American Embassy in Paris

1 of his properties donored to University of Paris

1868: Chateau Lafite (Rothschild) Vineyards

Imports (Tea, win), Mining, Banking, Railroads, Steel

In terms of (2016 $): worth was perhaps $ 200 Billion

5 children: Charlotte de R… married 1st cousin Nathaniel

Sons: Alphonse, Gustave, Salomon and Edmond

Below: Vaux-de-Cernay Abbey, France: 1,200 person Hotel was a former Abbey; brought by Nathaniel and Charlotte de Rothschild in 1878

Rothschild Abbey Hotel.jpg

Children of Salomon Mayer Rothschild
Anselm Salomon

Von Rothschild


(3rd Generation)

Born: Frankfurt   Residence: Vienna

Son of Salomon Mayer.  He became head of Vienna House

1855: the Creditanstalt (Credit-Anstait) Austrian Bank

Married: Charlotte – daughter of his uncle Nathan

Son: Albert controlled CA Bank in 1872

Betty 1805-1886 Married her uncle James Rothschild in 1824
Children of Nathan Mayer Rothschild
Baron Lionel Nathan



(3rd Generation)

Born: London       Son of Nathan Mayer Rothschild

Married: Charlotte – daughter of his uncle Carl

1st Jew to sit as a Member of Parliament

1861 financed gov. purchase of the Suez Canal, Egypt

Children: Leonora, Evelina, Nathan, Alfred, Leopold

Sir Anthony

de Rothschild


(3rd Generation)

Married Louise Monteflore, a cousin, d. of Henriette R…

Had 2 daughters: Constance and Annie Henrietta

A founder of Chemins de Fer du Nord Railway 1845

Funded railroad in Brazil; ironworks in Mexico

Nathaniel de



(3rd Generation)

Married Charlotte daughter of uncle James (1st cousin)

Established Chateau Mouton Rothschild 222 acre vineyard

Brought and restored Vaux Abbey

Children: Nathalle, James, Mayer Albert, Arthur

Hannah Mayer



2nd daughter of Nathan

She married Hon. Henry FitzRoy, great-great grandson of King Charles II.  (Under Sec. of State UK)

Baron Mayer Amschel

de Rothschild


(3rd Generation)

Studied at Leipzig, Heidelberg and Cambridge

High Sheriff of Buckinghamshire in 1847

Married Juliana Cohen – had: Hannah (became RICHEST woman in Britain) married Archibald, Earl of Rosebery

Louise 1820-1894 Married Mayer Carl von R… son of Uncle Carl
Children of Kalman ‘Carl’ Rothschild
Mayer Carl Freiherr

von Rothschild


(3rd Generation)

(Karl) of Frankfurt House

Married cousin Louise (daughter of uncle Nathan)

First Jewish member of House of Lords of Prussia

One child: Adele

Baron Adolphe Carl

von Rothschild


Austrian; (Adolf) took over business in Vienne and Naples

1850 married Julie; Naples closed 1863

He was bought out of family partnership in 1865

Wilhelm Carl



(3rd Generation)

Married cousin Mathilde Hannah von R… (d. of Anselm)

1855 became joint head of Frankfurt House w/Mayer Carl

He insisted bank closed on the Sabbath; no male heirs

2 children: Adelheid and Minna Caroline

Anselm Alexander

Carl Rothschild

1835-1854 died age 19

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Children of James Mayer de Rothschild
Charlotte 1825-1899 Married 1st cousin Nathaniel

Mayer Alphonse



(3rd Generation)

Born: Paris;  Married: Cousin: Leonora daughter of Lionel

de Rothschild Freres; Banque of France; Chateau Lafite;

Chateau Brane Mouton; Northern Railway

IMERYS (minerals) 50 countries; 16k employees; $7 Bil.

Children: Bettina, Lionel, Charlotte, Edouard

Former employer: Leon Say – French Minister of Finance

Gustave Samuel

James Rothschild


(3rd Generation)

Born in Paris; Apprenticeship in Frankfurt

1859 married Cecile Anspach

Director of Chemin de fer du Nord & PLM Co.

Director of Rothschild Hospital

Created Foundation Rothschild in 1904 (w/brothers)

Children: Octave, Zoe Lucie, Aline Lady Sassoon,

Berthe Juliette, Andre

Salomon James



(3rd Generation)

Apprenticeship in Frankfurt

Like brother Alphonse he toured US in 1859

Married his cousin Adele Hannah in 1862

C: Helene (married Etienne Gustave Frederic van Zuylen hier of the 200 room De Haar Castle, Netherlands)


Edmond Benjamin

James Rothschild


(3rd Generation)

Strong supporter of Zionism (Israel)

Financed Rishon LeZion (4th largest city in Israel)

Soldier in Franco-Prussian War

Married cousin Adelheid, daughter of  uncle Wilhelm Carl

Children: James, Maurice, Miriam

Donated thousands of pieces of art to the Louvre

Est. 1924: Palestine Jewish Colonization Assoc (PICA)

Acquired over 125,000 acres in Israel

Donated land to Jewish National Fund (13% of Israel)

Completed 1966: Knesset (Israel congress building) in Jerusalem; built by James de Rothschild son of Edmond who is called “HaNadiv HaYadu’a”, (“The Famous Benefactor”)

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Children of Anselm Salomon von Rothschild
Caroline Julie Married Adolph Carl son of Carl Rothschild
Mathilde Hannah Married cousin Baron Wilheim Carl Rothschild
Sarah Luisa Rothschild

Franchetti 1834-1924

(4th Generation)

Married Baron Raimondo Franchetti of Venice

Franchetti (very wealthy Italian Jews)

Children: Alberto, Edoardo and Giorgio Franchetti

Nathaniel Meyer Anselm

von Rothschild


Vienna, Austria  (1880 – Enzesfeld Castle) no children

Founded SM von Rothschild in 1820; Creditanstalt

Friend: Archduke Karl Ludwig – Habsburg

Ferdinand James

von Rothschild


(4th Generation)

Born: Paris   moved to UK

MP of Liberal Unionist party 1885-death

1865 married second cousin Evelina d. of Lionel R…

Built & endowed Evelina London Children’s Hospital

Evelina died giving birth to stillborn child.


Salomon Albert

Anmselm von R…


(4th Generation)

Freiherr (Baron) of Vienna, Austrian Empire

Creditanstalt; Northern Railway; SM von Rothschild Bank

Married cousin Bettina Caroline d. of uncle Alphonse R…

Had 7 children: Oskar suicide at age 21

Bettina died at 34: Bettina Hospital for Women

Endowed Johann Palisa and Vienna Observatory

Alice Charlotte


No marriage or children

Inherited Waddesdon Manor and Gardens

Children of Baron Lionel Nathan Rothschild
Leonora Married 1st cousin Mayer Alphonse James Rothschild
Evelina Married 2nd cousin Ferdinand James von Rothschild

Nathan Mayer



(4th Generation)

English Baron, GCVO – Knight, Privy Council (Adviser)

At Trinity College, Cambridge friend to Prince of Wales

Married cousin Emma Louise von R… d. of Carl & Louise

C: 2nd Baron Walter, Charlotte Louisa (Behrens), Charles

M. of Parliament; friend to Jewish PM Benjamin Disraeli

In 1879, head of N M Rothschild & Sons

Funded British South Africa Co and de Beers Diamonds

Funded PM Cecil Rhodes and Rhodes Scholarship (Oxford) (Rhodes partner in B.S.Africa Co; Niger Oil Co.; de Beers with PM Merriman, Rudd and R…) Rudd con Brit. Gov.


Alfred Charles



(4th Generation)

Trinity College, friend to Prince – later King Edward VII

Like Nathan – no degree; N M Rothschild Bank of London

At 26, 1st Jew Director of Bank of England (for 20 years)

1892 rep. UK at International Monetary Conf. (Brussels)

Had: Countess Almina (Herbert) w/Marie Boyer

Awards: UK-CVO, France-LoH, Prussia, Hungary

He was Consul-General for Austria in London



(4th Generation)

Head of N M Rothschild & Sons in 1874

Comm.: Royal Victorian Order; Chair Jewish Em. Society

Mar. Marie Perugia: Ch: Lionel N., Evelyn A., Anthony G.

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Children of Sir Anthony de Rothschild
Constance Flower

R… Battersea

Married Baron Cyril Flower Battersea

No children

Annie Henrietta

R… Yorke

Married Hon. Elliot Constantine Yorke

No children

Children of Nathaniel de Rothschild
Nathalle Died premature
Nathan James Edouard

de Rothschild


Married cousin Laura (1847-1931), d. of Carl & Louise

Inherited of Château Mouton Rothschild (pass to Philippe)

Children: Henri James, Jeanne Leonino

Mayer Albert 1846-1850; died young

de Rothschild


Of France and Monte Carlo, Monaco

No wife / no children

Bequeathed tapestries to the Louvre

Children of Hannah Mayer Rothschild FitzRoy & Hon. Henry FitzRoy
Arthur Frederic 1842-1858; died young
Caroline Blanche

Elizabeth FitzRoy

1844-1912 (art, novels); Married Sir Coutts Lindsay (artist)

Children: Anne Helen Ramsey and Harriet E. S. Henrey

Child of Mayer Amschel de Rothschild
Hannah Rothschild Primrose


(4th Generation)

Inherited vast Mansion of Mentmore at age 23

Ma.: PM Archibald 5th Earl of Rosebery (Disraeli friend)

Owned 40,000 acres in Scotland, etc.

Children: Albert Edward Harry Meyer Archibald Primrose,

Neil James A. Primrose, Sybil Myra C. P., Margaret E. H. P

Children of Mayer Carl Freiherr von Rothschild
Adele Hannah Charlotte

de Rothschild

1843-1922; Naples, Italy; Married cousin Salomon James

Daughter: Helene van Zuylen

Baroness Emma Louisa


1844-1935; Born: Frankfurt; Died: London

Married cousin Nathan M. R…; 3 children

Clementine Henriette Died age 20
Laura Theresa

de Rothschild

1847-1931; Frankfurt, Germany; 2 children

Married cousin Nathan James Edouard de Rothschild


Alexandrina de R…

(4th Generation)

1855-1905; Frankfurt

Married Prince Alfred Agenor de Gramont

Agenor – friend of President Louis-Napoleon Bonaparte

C: Armand, XII; Corisande E.; Louis Rene Gramont


Bertha Clara de

Wagram (Rothschild)


(4th Generation)

Born: Frankfurt; Died: Paris

Married Prince Louis Philippe Marie Berthier

(great grandnephew of King Maximilian I of Bavaria)

(grandson to Gov. Louis Berthier; Maj. Gen. Chief of Staff)

C: Prince Alexandre Louis Berthier; Elisabeth, Marguerite

Children of  Wilhelm Carl Rothschild
Adelheid 1853-1935 Married cousin Baron Edmond James de Rothschild
Minna Caroline

Goldschmidt (de R…)

1857-1905; 4th Gen.

Married Maximilian Benedikt Heyum von Goldschmidt

German Banker; once RICHEST person in German Empire

C: Albert M., Rudolph M., Lili J., Baron Erich, Lucy G.

Children of Mayer Alphonse James Rothschild with descendants
Bettina Caroline

de Rothschild


4th Generation; 1876 married cousin Albert Salomon;

7 children: Georg Anselm Alphonse, Dr. Alphonse Meyer, Louis N., Eugene D, Charlotte Esther, 2 died young

Edouard Alphonse James

de Rothschild


4th Generation

Married Germaine Alice Halphen (Rothschild) 1884-1975

Founded: 1938 Jewish Comm. for Children… refugees

Emigrated 130 Jewish children to US in 1942

Children: Alphonse Edouard, Guy, Jacqueline, Bethsabee

Children of Gustave Samuel James Rothschild (3 died young)
Zoe Lucie Betty

de Rothschild


4th Generation

1882 married Belgian banker Leon Lambert (1851-1919)

(Father Samuel Lambert managed Bank for Rothschilds)

Bank Brussels Lambert (2nd largest Belgium; 2015: $48B)

C: Claude-Cecile, Henri Lambert, Betty Esther, Renee


Aline Caroline

de Rothschild-Sassoon


4th Generation

1887 married Sir Albert Edward Sassoon (1856-1912)

(Sir Albert Edward: born in Bombay, India; MP)

(Father Albert Abdullah David Sassoon; Baghdad merchant; fled to Iran after scandal and founded Imperial Bank of Persia – became of RICHEST men in Bombay)

Children: Philip Albert and Sybil Rachel

Robert de Rothschild


4th Generation

Married Gabrielle Nelly Regine Beer in 1907

Founded Deauville International Polo Club in 1907

C: Baron Elie (1917-2007), Alain (1910-1982), 2 daughters

Child of  Salomon James Rothschild
Helene van Zuylen


4th Generation

Married: Etienne Gustave Frederic van Zuylen

Inherited 200 room Castle De Haar, Netherlands

Zuylen family: 2 PM of Netherlands

Children: Egmont van Zuylen and Helin van Zuylen

Children of Edmond Benjamin James Rothschild
James Armand Edmond

de Rothschild


4th Generation

Born: Paris;  Died: London; served in Parliament – PM

Married Dorothy Mathilde Pinto (1895-1988) in 1913.

Inherited Waddesdon Manor; raised race horses

WWII he was Parliamentary Sec. to (Minister of Supply =

– Baron Beaverbrook – Canadian Newspaper Tycoon)

Maurice Edmond Karl

de Rothschild


4th Generation

Senator of France; Financier; Act collector; Philanthropist

Ma.: Noemie Claire Halphen (d. of Banker Eugene Pereire)

Child: Edmond Adolphe Maurice; Scotland during WWII

Inherited Fortune of childless Alolph Carl von Rothschild

Miriam Caroline Alexandrine divorced Albert Goldschmidt-Rothschild – no children

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Children of Sarah Luisa Rothschild and Raimondo Franchetti
Alberto (Rothschild) Franchetti 1860-1942 Married Margerita Levi Franchetti

Children: Raimondo, Arnold, Guido, Maria

Edoardo Franchetti No record of wife or children
Giorgio Franchetti

1865-1922 5th Generation

Married Marion von Hornstein Franchetti

Child: Carlo Franchetti

Children of Salomon Albert Anselm von Rothschild with descendants
Dr. Alphonse Meyer

de Rothschild

1878-1942; 5th Gen.

Married Clarice Adelaide-Sara Montefiore Rothschild

C: Albert Anselm S. Nimrod, Bettina Jemima, Gwendoline

Family fled to England, then America during WWII

Valentine Noemi

Rothschild Springer

1886-1969; 5th Gen.

Vienna, Austria

Married Baron Sigismund von Springer (1875-1928)

C: Bettina E. Noemi and Albert Adolf von Springer

Children of Nathan ‘Natty’ Mayer Rothschild
Lionel Walter

Rothschild 1868-1937


Father of Olga Alice Walters with Maria Fredenson

Charlotte Evelina

Adela Behrens (R…)

1873-1947; London; married Major Clive Behrens

C: Peggy Abigail Harris, John Nathaniel, William Edward

Charles Rothschild

1877-1923 (suicide)

Married Ruzsika von Wertheimstein;  C: Dame Miriam Louisa, Elizabeth C., Victor, Pannonica de Koenigswarter
Children of Alfred Charles Rothschild
Countess Almina

Herbert (Rothschild)


5th Generation

Married George Edward Herbert of Carnarvon

Children: Henry Herbert, 6th Earl; Lady Evelyn Leonora

George: Financier; died in Cairo – financed find of Tutankhamun tomb in Valley of the Kings

Children of Leopold de Rothschild with dependents

(son Evelyn Achile died from combat wound in WWI)


Lionel Nathan

de Rothschild


5th Generation

Married Marie Louise Eugenie Rothschild de Beer

(Marie’s father: Edmond Raphael de Beer – Diamonds SA)

C: Rosemary Leonora, Edmund Leopold, Naomi, Leopold

Managed N M Rothschild & Sons Banking House

African Kimberly Diamond Mines acquired 1887 =

De Beers Consolidated Mines founded 1888 – Africa

Anthony Gustav

de Rothschild


5th Generation

Married Yvonne Lydia Louise de Rothschild

C: Renee Louise, Anna Sonja, Sir Evelyn Robert Adrian

Managing Partner in N M Rothschild & Sons

Formed British Newfoundland Dev. Corp.

Child of  Nathan James Edouard de Rothschild with dependents
Henri James Nathaniel

Charles de Rothschild


5th Generation; French playwright; entrepreneur

Married Mathilde Weissweiller

Children: James Nathaniel, Nadine C., Baron Philippe

Children of Countess Hannah Rothschild Primrose
Sybil Myra Caroline

Grant 1879-1955

Married General Sir Charles John Cecil Grant

Son: Lieutenant Charles Robert Archibald Grant

Margaret E. Hannah

(Rothschild) Primrose


5th Generation

Married Robert Crewe-Milnes; Leader – the House of Lords

He inherited 50,000 acres from uncle Hungerford Crewe

He was British Sec. of State for India

C: Lord Richard George Crew-Milnes, Duchess Mary Evelyn Innes-Ker

Albert Edward Harry

Mayer A. Primrose


5th Generation

6th Earl of Rosebery; Sec. of State for Scotland 1945

Notable Cricketer (once highest score); Land owner

Married Lady Dorothy Mack; then Eva Isabel Marion

C: Helen Dorothy, Archibald Ronald, Neil, Lady Mary

Captain Neil James Archibald Primrose 1883-1917; Married Victoria Alice Louise Bullock

Child: Countess Ruth Wood of Halifax

Child of Adele Hannah Charlotte de Rothschild
Helene Betty van Zuylen

(de Rothschild)

1863-1947; Married Etienne Gustave van Zuylen

C: Egmont van Zuylen de Nyevelt and Helin van Zuylen

Margaretha Alexandrina de Gramont de Rothschild
Armand, XII duc de Gramont (de Rothschild)


5th Generation

Married Elaine Marie de Greffulhe; He was Grand Officer Legion of Honour; Member Acad. Sciences; OPL Co., now SAFRAN (Electric, military engines, $20B, employees 70,000 people in 50 countries) Son: Antoine, XIII, Gramont
Corisande Emma L.

de Noalilles 1880-1977

Married Helie Guillaume Hubert de Noalilles

Child: Francois Agenor A. H. de Noalilles

Louis Rene’ A.

de Gramont

1883-1963; Married Marie Virginie

C: Marguerite, Philippe Antoine, Rene Armand, Francois

Children of Bertha Clara de Wagram Rothschild Berthier
Prince Alexandre Louis

Berthier 1883-1918

Child: Monique Dufaure from Marie-Louise Salivas

Owned Chateau de Grosbois estate; killed in WWI

Elisabeth Berthier

de Wagram


Married 3rd Prince Cesar Henri de La Tour d’Auvergne

C: Prince Godefroy de La Tour, Prince Charles Louis Tour

Marguerite Armande

de Broglie de Wagram

1887-1966; Divorced Prince Jacques de Broglie

Child: Princess Diane Marie Berthe Lannes

CHAPTER THREE: Power and Money


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