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About TheTruthSource

The Truth Source is an endeavor to present relevant information and history; reveal both useful and obscure facts; expose political and powerful agendas; address social, political and economic issues; teach significant religious doctrinal truths, while also disclosing the error and personal influences in other religious teachings; and to report current trends and events, particularly as they relate to Injustice, Culture or Moral Changes, and End Times. (TTS) began April, 2016; however, we have been involved in research, writing and ministry for over 20 years.  Some of the articles are from works that were done over the last two decades; yet, most are very current and kept up to date according to their topic and purpose.  The first year, TTS was viewed from 89 countries; and by July 2017 from 100 countries.  Currently, TTS receives views each month from half the nations on earth.  We thank you for time and interest.  We are committed to factual articles; and hope to continue to deliver impartial quality content.

Founder statement: By the time i was in my early twenties, the search for Truth had been a passion of mine.  Intertwined in that search are too many variables to list or remember.  But of course i was influenced by family, friends, teachers, and books (that was before google you know).  So as i matured in my search for knowledge and truth; i found on the path towards Truth the necessary use of wisdom, science, history, reasoning and logic; whether the topic was religion, laws and morals, anthropology, cosmology, or Jesus Christ – ‘the Truth’ and ‘King of the Universe.’

TTC is a non-profit effort and hopes to expand its organization and ability to continue its mission.  It also points towards a certain non-profit ministry which monthly funds many orphans, as well as offers various resources.

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