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Demons at Viminacium

In 2016, archaeologist discovered a golden ‘curse (demonic)’ tablet in Viminacium, Serbia.  The Viminacium archaeology site was an ancient Roman capital city in the province of Upper Moesia (Serbia).  The city and its legion camp lay between routes to the West and the East.  It was from here that Constantine the Great moved the capital of the Eastern Roman Empire to Byzantium (Constantinople; Istanbul).


Remains of the ancient Roman city and Legionary Fort were visible in the late 1800s; including an amphitheater, a Roman Pantheon, Emperor Hostelian’s mausoleum, city walls, water conduits, thermal baths, gates and towers, stone sarcophagus,  jewelry and marble sculptures.   Mihajlo Valtrović and Miloje Vasić, a professor at the Gymnasium in Belgrade, undertook the first exploration digs of Viminacium in 1884 and 1902.    It was estimated that the ancient city had about 40,000 inhabitants in the 4th (fourth) century.

It was not until the 1970s that other large-scale archaeological excavations resumed.  And at that time significant finds were made.   From 1977 to 1997 over 13,500 graves were uncovered with cremated and inhumed burials.  Last year (2016) a tablet made of Gold was discovered which said in Latin: “tabella defixionis” – which translates roughly as, “curse tablet or spell tablet.”  In the Greco-Roman ancient times, many would uses such tablets to ask the ‘gods’ or ‘spirits’ to place a curse on someone or thing.


This golden tablet calls out, “Let all the forces and demons help…”  Some of the writing is incomprehensible because the author meant it to be only understood by the invoked demons.

It should be noted that there were tablets about Christ and Christianity found at the site.  And some say that it was a time of converting pagans to the Christian religion.  According to, “Miomir Korac, the chief archaeologist at the Viminacium site, told NBC News, “according to my knowledge, such tablets have never been found inscribed in gold anywhere…” but the people that live in this part of Serbia are “known are being superstitious…”  “Opposing deities appear on these tablets, as if invoking both Christ and the Antichrist today, or Christ and pagan gods, and that is weird. This shows us that the process of converting to Christianity was slow…. We found that Christians and pagans were buried together and we can conclude that, at the time, they lived in harmony and tolerance.” 

It was also reported that “within about 100 years the city was destroyed by the wave of incoming Huns following by the invasion of the Slavs in the 6th century A.D.”  The Huns destroyed the city in 440.  Emperor Justinian I reconstructed Viminacium in 535, and added a military fornication.


Ilija Dankovic, one of the archaeologists from the Archaeological Institute of Belgrade, who was excavating a woman’s grave at the site, stated his team discovered “a selection of spells inscribed on tiny gold and silver pages locked in a lead amulet (; 8/2016).”  Dankovic told news sources, “when they are inscribed on gold and silver, we are talking about protective magic… maybe the woman wanted to be protected against black magic or maybe against a disease that she had.”  He went on to say that was not the only set of ‘spells’ found at Viminacium.

And Dankovic revealed, “so far, the names of VARIOUS DEMONS from what is nowadays Syria have been recognized… Two scrolls are inscribed with numerous magical symbols – and we know them from ancient Israel.”   He informed us that ‘love spells’ and ‘curse spells’ were written on common lead; but typically, ‘protective spells’ were carved into gold or silver.

He also said, “Some of our workers on the dig have superstitions about the find. The Romans believed in these things very much. So much that the lead ones with curses were forbidden by law.  So the official state of Rome recognized them as something real, something big, that is functional and something not to be fiddled around with…” and many on his team did not want to be hands on in “breaking open a golden spell protected by an ancient demon.”



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