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This series examines the SOURCES of INFLUENCE upon people with great detail.  It explores the subject in a holistic manner – from the physical and mental to the spiritual.

PART ONE: Introduction to Formula and Sections

Is = [Nt + E3(M)] (HS) +/- (Sw + Dt+/-p)

KEY: Sources of Influence (Is); Nt = Neurotransmitters, Cell health or damage, genetics; E3 = Experiences, Educations, and Environments; M = our Being – Mind, our brain, spirit and soul; HS = Holy Spirit; Sw = spirit of the world; and Dt =/- p = demonic temptations, and possible possession

Thus: the Sum of the Sources of Influence upon an individual, or the sources which influence or effect a person’s physical, mental and spiritual operation and essence is equal to their genetic makeup (including the functioning of their neurotransmitters and cell health or damage) and the experiences, educations and environments which impact their judgment and stimulate or sway the person’s MIND (choices and actions, both consciously and subconsciously) and upon this state of the individual comes the effect of the Holy Spirit (both the Spirit of the Lord’s general operation in the world – including being moved by prayers of others – and the extent to which the individual rejects or accepts the Holy Spirit) and upon the person’s status comes the general spirit of the world (specifically of their current location) and upon this state or status of the individual comes the effect of the demonic (both their general operation of temptation and suggestion; and possibly the very rare situation of demonic possession).

Is (Sources of Influence) LONG FORMULA

Is = [Nt(B) {G(Ch – Cd)} + (Ex + Ed + Env){Ms3}] (HSga^ps%) +/- (Swga* + Dt# +/-p)

KEY: Source of Influence (Is); Nt = Neurotransmitters; B = Body (our complete physical DNA, flesh and bones makeup); G = Genetics (inherited chromosomes; genes); Ch = Cell health (normal functioning: proteins – amino acids; systems; Gene regulation, Mitochondria, DNA, RNA, etc.); Cd = Cell damage (any significant damaged system); E3 = Experiences (knowledge, wisdom, perceptions, traditions, emotional, physical, mental, spiritual, social, religious, etc.), Education (learned and acquired: knowledge, understanding, skills, truths, beliefs, perceptions, methods of reasoning, use of senses, etc.), and Environment (surroundings, conditions, ecological, social, political, spiritual, immediate, local, national, global); M = Mind (our brain, spirit and soul), Ms3 = Sum of the current status of the Mind, soul, spirit;  HS = Holy Spirit, HSga^ = the general attributes and working of the Holy Spirit; ^ = denotes the various and many individual fruits or types of the Spirit; ps% = personal percentage of the indwelling of the Holy Spirit; Sw = spirit of the world, Swga* = the general nature and workings of the spirit of the world, * = denotes the various and myriad of types of temptations, trespasses, sins; Dt =  the Demonic or evil spirits (demons) specific tempting, doctrines and works, # = numerous types of spirits; p = demonic possession (whether: yes or no; + or positive evidence of demon possession is an extremely rare case)  Though the formula is algebraic in form, the (multiplier) should be used as ‘affecting.’


I say ‘brief’ because even if this article was a hundred volumes of information, we could not understand or discover the complete workings of our body, our world, the universe, the Spiritual world or the mysteries and operations of the Lord God.  The following sections reveal more of the methodology and components of the FORMULA used to determine the SOURCES of INFLUENCE upon an individual; and both an attempt in displaying a multitude of factors that affect us, as well as a type of test aid to discernment of the Demonic and very rare cases of possession.


It is amazing that Neuroscientists have confirmed that the brain contains perhaps 100 billion neurons (1011) and several 100 trillion connections (1014).  That’s astronomically more than the number of phone connections in the world; and possibly more than the stars in our galaxy.  NASA estimates about 200 to 500 billion stars in the Milky Way.

After conception the human Body (B: Body, flesh and bones) begins as a Zygote or cell organism comprised of DNA and certain inherited genes; it contains 46 total chromosomes or two sets of chromosomes: 23 from each parent [male: sperm (nuclei with mitochondria and enzymes) and female: egg (food source)].   The Zygote becomes a Morula (a single solid ball of cells) which travels through the mother’s fallopian tube.  It becomes a Blastocyst (‘sprout’ capsule) which embeds into the uterine lining and becomes an Embryo.  An Embryo is ‘an unborn offspring in the process of development.’  Note that according to microbiology – ‘life begins’ as a Zygote is formed.   For more on early development and specific timing see:  Study shows earlier Fetus heartbeat

An embryo is the unborn offspring from the time of fertilization to the end of the eighth week of gestation (or about the 11th week from the last menstrual period), when it becomes known as a FETUS.  By the end of about a month, the UNBORN offspring has a developing brain, heart, eyes, liver, arms and legs budding, and skin and bones forming – receiving food from the Placenta and other transfers between the mother’s umbilical cord {including cord blood, oxygen, nutrients and waste; note that eating rare or raw meats and certain unwashed foods can cause the mother to receive parasites which can travel through the cord to the fetus; infections can travel from mother to Fetus resulting in rare deaths, miscarriages or premature births.  This is not to add paranoia, only advising simple caution and to see your physician if the mother suspects an infliction or illness.}

Before the end of the first Trimester the Fetus has fingers and toes; by the 19th week the baby can hear and its senses are developing; at less than 22 (TWENTY-TWO WEEKS) the baby is viable and though the lungs are not fully formed, has a significant chance of surviving (James Gill; Canada; 5/20/1987 born 21 weeks, 5 days at 1 pound 6 ounces; Amillia Taylor; US; 10/21/2006 born 21 weeks, 6 days at 10 ounces).  By the end of the second trimester the baby has a sleep schedule and their brain is very active.

Humans can live without their limbs and even transplant their heart and many organs, and can live with significant loss of parts of the BRAIN; however, the medulla oblongata of the brain stem is vital for cardiac and respiratory functions, and it connects the brain to the spinal cord.  The nervous system is responsible for decisions and communications.  The Central Nervous System (CNS) is made of the brain and spinal cord and peripheral nerves.

The CNS uses the peripheral nervous system (PNS) to transmit or communicate between the brain, through the spinal cord and to every other part of the body.  Thus, the brain sends or transmits signals to the body.

Some functions are involuntary and some of voluntary.  Voluntary responses of the brain to stimuli are primarily under conscious control and choice.  Involuntary responses are autonomic and reflex; that is autonomic responses automatically regulate the body’s internal environment.  And reflexes mainly affect muscles that are normally under voluntary control. Through thought – typically in response to sensory stimuli – the BRAIN (Cerebrum, Cerebellum, Brain Stem) sends out impulses or signals.

The brain has been called a ‘biological computer’ or a ‘machine,’ but most people overlook or discard the intelligent design factor which goes into the metaphysical, conscious and subconscious.  The Cerebral Cortex (‘gray matter’ key to memory, thought, perception,  consciousness and voluntary movement) contains about 20 to 30 billion neurons (nerve cells), many which communicate with each other through axons, which carry ‘trains’ of electrical and chemical cellular signal pulses through SYNAPSES or neurotransmission to other parts of the brain or body to recipient cells (ultimately a muscle or gland).

Thus, through neurotransmission (synaptic transmission) neurotransmitters are released through the AXONs [like cables with beginning connectors (numerous dendrites) tied into the Soma (‘body’ or house) containing the nucleus {‘the engine’ which generates power – proteins (amino acids)} and at the end of the axon ‘cable’ – a long microtube – are multiple connecting terminals]  Scientists have identified hundreds of types and subtypes of neurons, but no one but God knows the exact number of types in the CNS.

NEUROTRANSMITTERS are the MAIN method or VEHICLE THROUGH WHICH HUMANS ARE INFLUENCED. When ‘electrical’ signals are transmitted through the human BODY they reach the end of the AXON and stimulate the release of tiny Sacs – which release ‘chemicals’ known as Neurotransmitters into the SYNAPSE.  The Neurotransmitters cross the Synapse and Attach to RECEPTORS on the Receiver or Neighboring CELL.  These receptors can change the properties of the Receiving Cell.  If the Receiving Cell is also a Neuron then the SIGNAL Transmission continues through that Cell to the Next Cell.


Thus, NEUROTRANSMITTERS CONTROL the natural COMMUNICATION throughout the BODY and BRAIN.  According to Teacher’s Edition Modern Biology (1989), ‘The approximately 30 different neurotransmitters that have been identified by scientists cause one of two responses.  They either stimulate the action potential in a second cell or they inhibit it.”  The major classes of these complex endogenous chemical messengers that coordinate transmissions and thus affect all the systems, tissues and cells in the body include Amino Acids, Peptides, Monoamines, Acetylcholine, Gasotransmitters, and Biogenic Amines.   (Below List of Neurotransmitters and main function)

EACH INDIVIDUAL IS UNIQUE: the levels of a person’s strengths, weaknesses, resistances, allergic mix and reactions, immunities, emotional balance, will, and other such things and variables or make up differ per individual; just as their spiritual levels differ.  Health conditions and medical treatments significant affect all these things and thus affect their neurotransmitters.  The Individual must be looked at from a holistic approach.  Testing biomarkers, diagnosing illnesses and diseases, looking for psychical and mental normalities and abnormalities, and addressing known and assumed symptoms alone does not encompass a holistic approach.  The holistic approach to looking at the sources of influence on an individual or even the total health and make up of an individual requires the understanding and examination of the spiritual.  Many physicians, nurses and medical personnel come to understand this to be true.

NOTE: I personally know that several medical personnel did accept this when hands were laid on an individual on three different occasions on 2 weekends – myself included in each.  The patient who had a major heart attack and blood pressure was so high he was diagnosed to not likely survive.  At about 11:30 PM the Holy Spirit woke me up and said go to New Orleans and pray for Tommy.  Being more obedient and prayed up in those days, I drove the hour, saw his wife in the waiting room, told her my order and we laid hands on him.  She called me early next morning to tell me his blood pressure was normal again.  He had a pacemaker put in then went into troubles needing dialysis for an indefinite time – but assumed to be months or years.  I returned with another and we prayed – along with tens and even a hundred off location – and laid hands on him.  The next day he was off dialysis; yet a couple of days later when into a coma.  Me and CJ returned a day or so later and repeated the process and before arriving home were call and told he was out of the coma.  Tommy is still alive and kicking 4 years later.  This is a very rare event, but nevertheless testifies to the relevance of the spiritual – more specifically to the power of the Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ.

Link to and chart of Neurotransmitters and how drugs effect them:

TYPE of Neurotransmitters: Amines (Acetylcholine, Serotonin, Dopamine, L-Dopa, Norepinephrine); Amino Acids (about 22 including: Tryptophan, GABA, Glycine, Tyramine, Glutamate)



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Sources of Influence: Part III





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